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Life's Posssible Future Developments Psychic Reading - Channeled by Spirit


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Our Soul record contains all the information related to our Soul history and our journeys during different incarnations. However, nothing is written in stone there and the record itself is a dynamic energetic being that under certain circumstances can be interacted with. That means that even the record of Soul’s past history can be transformed. That may happen for example when during present incarnation the Soul is cleared from the energetic restrictions that had originated in the past lives. After the healing occurs the Soul’s record is altered accordingly by the Akashic Record Division.

Our Souls incarnate many times over in different times and places. This is the way our Higher Self experiences and expresses itself.

Before each incarnation the Soul chooses its destiny to fulfil during its incarnation in the physical world. This destiny is usually connected to the life lesson that the Soul chooses to learn. To Soul then create a map to help itself to travel through the chosen life. This map pin points core experiences that will occur during the incarnation. These may include the circumstances of the birth and death as well as the interaction with certain people or living at particular places. This map indicates all the available pathways that lead to and from these core experiences.

This is when your Soul free will comes into play. Your Soul decides what lesson it will learn and how it will be learnt. However when we incarnate into the physical word it is up to us to fulfil our destiny or not.
The map that our Soul creates before each incarnation is called the Golden Web. It is an energetic membrane that surrounds us and contains the totality of our energy bodies, as well as our Soul record for this lifetime. The Golden Web records all our thoughts and actions in this lifetime and projects them to the Akashic Records. It looks similar to a spider web – with its intersections and pathways going in different directions to and from these intersections. These intersection points represent all our available choices for the particular lifetime. The main intersections are called destiny points and smaller intersections are called choice points.

Ones the Soul is incarnated and decided to fulfil its destiny it has to travel through these destiny points with 100% probability as they are occurrences of true predetermination. Destiny points normally relate to one or two life areas and an overage we have to go through 16 destiny points during our life time.
To get from one destiny point to another we use energetic pathways that connect these points. However, as I mentioned before there are more than one pathway leading to and from the destiny point. We have a free will to determine which pathway to use. When we are connected to our Higher Self we are able to energetically connect to the right path on our way to the right outcome. But If the Golden Web is damaged or the negative entities create wrong pathways for us we can’t tune into the right path. That may lead us to choose a pathway that provides us with negative learning experiences instead of positive.

The choice points are not planned before our incarnations and we are free to pick any available to us. In one year we pass between 10 and 70 choice point. The pathways that lead to and from these points may contain positive or negative experiences and it is up to us which one to choose.

I hope that you can see now that the future is not set in stone and being co created by every choice you make.

During this reading session I will explore which outcomes are more likely to occur than others in your life from the perspective of the present situation you are in.

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