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.Love Relationship Prediction of the Future Channeled Reading


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If you knew that your heart will be broken would you still fall in love? Or Your Love Life – Predictions Of The Future.

Most people are willing to take this risk and fall in love no matter what the consequences are.
But would it be nice to be able to predict if a relationship will work out or not before making the decision to get involved.

This reading will bring you an accurate prediction of the nature and development of the relationship between two people based on the analysis of their Souls Profiles, which includes their karmas.

Akashic Records contain the information on and the history of every Soul on this planet. I  can access this information and explore your Soul history as well as the Soul history of another person you might want to have a relationship with.

If you attracted to someone most likely you reincarnated together before.
If this is the case your previous history in the past lives would be a good indication of the dynamics that your relationship might have in this life time.

For example, if you shared some traumatic experiences and created a negative karma together that fact may demonstrate to you that you have to work on that relationship very hard to sort out the unresolved issues from the past life.
On another hand if you have had a Soul mate contract between you and your partner Souls in the past 20 lives it might be in indication that your union will be an easy and pleasant one without big dramas.

In another case scenario your partner’s Soul may rendered the Soul mate Contract void without updating his or your Soul Records in the Akashic Records. Your partner behaves as if he doesn’t want to know you. But you are not aware that the Soul Mate contract is not in force anymore and still madly in love with him. This situation is definitely can end up with a broken heart and other complications.

Whether you decide to go ahead with the relationship at least you have a clear understanding of the situation you are dealing with. And that gives you a great advantage

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