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Highest Soul Expression Heal Package 10 Ninety Minute Sessions


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- 10 - 90 Minute Healing/Clearing Sessions 

The spiritual path is a journey to wholeness where the true and authentic Self seeks full expression. By living life as a journey, we come to see the inherent wisdom that is a part of all things in the world. We see value in all things, and we obtain a clear understanding of the necessary part each of us plays in the unfoldment of this balanced wholeness.

It is when we discover a world view that honors all things as vital parts of the whole that a plan of perfection begins to reveal its pattern to us. In the unfoldment of this plan, individual lives have great meaning and are honored as a vital expression of the whole. Our greater purpose is to see this plan as one of Divine Intention where we are consciously choosing to participate in the highest expression of the unfoldment of that plan. These sessions are designed so that we clear and heal anything in way of keeping us from being our Highest Expression as a soul as part of that plan.

By bringing into your awareness your Soul's Highest Expression in a conscious and co-creative manner, you begin to live a life in full creative authority- a life filled with true empowerment begins! When this level of consciousness is reached, there is great authority to bring forth that which we desire. Our desires are now those of the Divine; we are manifesting in alignment with higher Will. Your life becomes one filled with health, abundance, and joy. Your creative abilities manifest in the moment that which you desire. Through this transcendent state of being, you offer balance and healing to the whole of humanity as the Highest Soul Expression.


There are 10 sessions in this package. Each session is 90 minutes. 

·      0; Releasing Shadow Sid e – This is a powerful session that helps you to move intochange more easily and integrate new beliefs into your being with much lessresistance. Most of us have heard of the "Shadow Side". We often think of this as a part of ourselves that is evil, or at least wants to beevil. This side of us seems to be blocking who we want to become. It is thepart of us that plays "Devil's advocate" sometimes. The Shadow Side may be that part that persuades every so subtly to continue in a negativebehavior even though we have made a conscious choice to make a positive change.

·        Self Esteem Session - It is amazing how so many of us struggle with taking inthe beauty of who we are really. That is what this sessions assists you indoing.

·      0;  Enlightenment Session – This session will remove any seeds of fear of ascensionor enlightenment. It will clear the path for more detailed work on the path ofpurpose. This clearing is deeper simply because we are removing a more advancedlayer of blocks in this session. Here we will clear away even the beliefs wearen't able to verbalize because we have very little idea of what we areblocking. This is more of an energetic clearing than what the words may pointto. Allow your soul to lead the way.

·      0;  Self Responsibility Session : This issue appears to be at the root of making anymajor changes. We seem to be saying, for example..."If I no longer holdthis belief I have had all of my life how will I be? This old belief has keptme from participating in life, it has been my excuse for hiding. If itdisappears, I will be overwhelmed with responsibility." This session helpsone to let go of old beliefs that block us from taking responsibility for ourpath of purpose. It will return our personal power and responsibility tocreating the life we desire.

Worthiness Session : Now we are reallydigging deep. How dare we think that we are God/Sprit/Creator? Who are we tothink we have the power to design our own lives? We are pieces, parts, aspectsof God/Goddess. We ARE unconditional Love, we deserve to be unconditionallyloved. That translates into knowing we are unquestionably worth to receive andeven BE Love. Wow!

Control Vs. Surrender : Alignment is aprocess of both allowing, and participating with our God Self. It helps you tohold firm to your responsibility to surrender to God’s will and let go ofcontrol of things that you cannot change. You may be wondering, "who orwhat would I need to surrender to? Is surrendering a good idea?" Relax, thisis about surrendering to your own plan for your growth. I believe it... that weplan our life times, before we come to Earth each time. We plan events andlessons to bring us to higher awareness. Then we choose to forget our plan, sowe can learn it fresh each time. Surrendering to our own plan moves us moreeasily along our planned path of evolution. The more we resist our plan, themore painful our lessons become. The pain is not about punishment, it is ourown willingness to "turn up the heat" on ourselves because of howprecious our time is on this Earth. We want to make the most out of our"turn". The way to make the most of our time here in Earth"school" is to surrender to each lesson and learn it, then we canmove on to the next one... and with much less suffering. As we accept eachlesson, we integrate or merge its teachings into our lives, and this is how weevolve.

Adjusting Internal External Switch :This concept is based on the analogy of a light switch or a toggle switch. Inone position we look to the outside world to define who we are, yet the answerto that question is found on the inside, within our own being. With yourpermission, I can use my imagination to "see" your toggle switch, andbe sure it is working easily so that you can move freely between looking bothoutside and inside for your identity.

Who AM I Session : The age-oldquestion. The answers are numerous, and the answer is simple. This clearing is focused around finding our way through our human fears that what we will findif we look too deeply into ourselves will be unbearably terrible. Isn't it timethat you find the true beauty of who you are?

Accepting Change : In the context ofspiritual and personal growth, change is more subtle and usually more internalthan other types of changes. Even so, we need to release old beliefs that keepus stuck in our old ways of being.

God Issues Session : So many of us areold souls. Our souls have gone through many life times, and we often spend someor those entire life times searching for God/Truth/Love. We take vows, oathsand promises that are often meant to last "forever and ever". Thatmeans that at a very deep level, we may still be holding on to them in thislife time. And, if having all those old vows stuck in our DNA isn't confusingenough, we often carry the old dogma about religion and the current society'sbeliefs about good and evil along with us. When we add all of these thingstogether we can get some fairly complex and opposing beliefs going on below ourawareness. This can result in blocks that keep us stuck between evolving andresistance to deeper spiritual growth. Becoming aware and letting go of theseconfusing signals is a great stepping stone to a higher vibration.


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