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6 Rays and Energy Streams Connections by Geom


You will be attuned to the following 6 Energy Streams and Rays which are used in Personal Spiritual Alchemy (PSA) and MS-REM (Super Reiki). They are also applied in advanced Mahatma Reiki Ascension. There are no symbols or complex procedures to use for healing, attuning, or receiving blessings as this is used in healing and attuning strickly by intention. Anyone can use this system.

The 6 Energy Streams and Rays you will be attuned to are:

The Sacred Order of Melchezedek

The Paramatman Ray

The Order of Enochian Magic

The Kabbalah

The Divine Transfiguring Ray

The Christ Consciousness Server

You will receive the six attunements by chi ball call in method, certificate and lineage by email, as well as the manual in pdf format.

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