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12 Month Channeled Angel Reading (Month by Month)


12 Month Channeled Angel Reading (Month by Month)

The  Angel 12 Month Channeled Reading is a month by month detailed reading with profound insights from the Angelic Realm. This reading will provide you with inspirational and accurate monthly angel wisdom, messages and guidance from your Angels for a full year.

 Invite the Angels into your life and Co-create with them on a daily basis to manifest the Abundant and blissful life you deserve! The Angels can 'see into' the year ahead and deliver messages to prepare you for what is ahead of you. Let the Angels guide you through the New Year so that you will know what you need to focus on spiritually in the months ahead. Perhaps you will face some challenges.

What better way to overcome challenging situations but to receive loving and inspirational messages from your Angels. Perhaps there are spiritual opportunities or areas of service or perhaps you will discover new spiritual gifts.

The Angels want you to live happy, joyous and free and will prepare you for the upcoming 12 months so that you can live prosperously and abundantly! Your Angels will scout the path ahead of you to help you live the highest existence possible! This reading  is lengthy, is many pages and includes a lot of information.  The reading will be delivered to your email box.

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