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MORE THAN 50% Ultimate Spiritual Profile Reading Package 6 readings - Spirit Guides, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Guardian Angels


If you purchased these readings individually the cost would be 679.00.

  This email reading package includes 6 beautiful readings geared to help you to meet all of your Spirit Helpers on the other side. Afterall, the guidance of your Spirit Guide Band, Archangel Team, Ascended Master Team, Guardian Angels, Angels, and Spirit Animals assist you throughout your journey with your spiritual growth and evolution. In these readings their messages will come through very warmly. They are loving, validating and supportive. The messages that you receive during these powerful channeled readings can provide healing for you. The messages may empower and or inspire you on your  journey. It takes about two to three hours to channel each of these readings. You will find that each reading includes lots of loving and supportive Guidance. The readings will be delivered to your email box.

The email readings included in this package are:

  • Spirit Guides Spirit Band reg. price 99.99
  • Archangelic Guide Team reg. price 199.99
  • Ascended Masters Guide Team reg. price 199.99
  • Guardian Angel Reading reg. price 79.99
  • Connecting with your Angel Team Reading reg. price 49.99
  • 9 Totem Animal Spirit Guide Reading reg. price 49.99


If you have already received one of the readings in this package you may substitute the reading for another reading of equal or lesser value. Exceptions are live readings, including telephone and or instant message readings. The reading that you choose must also be an email reading. Emergency readings are not eligible for substitutions.

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