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MORE THAN 50% OFF Soul Mate Reading Package 6 Readings


 The discount offered on these readings is considerable. The readings offered in this package would regularly cost 540.00 if purchased individually.

Soul Mate Reading Package - This is the ultimate Soul Mate Reading Package. If you want to know as much as possible about your future soul mate then this package is for you. Each channeled reading will include much detail and is many pages long. It takes a few hours to channel each of these readings.

You can substitute a single reading of equal or lesser value for any single reading in this package however you may not substitute a single reading for multiple readings. Live, telephone, instant message, and or emergency readings are not eligible for substitutions.

The readings included in this package are as follows:

  • Where is My Soul Mate Reading reg price 99.99
  • Soul Mate Higher Self reg price 79.99
  • Soul Mate Personality Traits reg price 79.99
  • Soul Mate Attitudes Towards Life Reading reg price 79.99
  • Messages Between Two Souls reg price 99.99
  • Soul Mate Profile Reading reg price 99.99

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