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More than 50% OFF HUGE MEGA Psychic Protection Attunement Package PLUS BOGO

$249.99 $3,000.00


With your purchase you will receive an attunement package of equal or lesser value. Simply purchase this package and email your free attunement package choice.


If purchased individually these attunements would cost over 3000.00. There are no substitutions allowed. Even if you have received some of these systems you are getting a great bargain.

You may be empathic, psychic, or "hyper-sensitive". There could be damage to your psychic aura and this psychic protection package is designed to help to protect you from all types of psychic attacks, negative energy, and to shield and protect you from such.

This will support you in confidently using and understanding your psychic gifts in a positive and productive way so that you can joyfully walk down a busy street without feeling crowded by the emotions and negative energy of others. It will take determination and practice, but it is possible to control your psychic ability, instead of letting your psychic gifts control you.

Everyone can benefit from using psychic protection in their lives, but if you work a lot with people, particularly with the vulnerable, or as a psychic or healer, then you should build psychic protection into your daily routine.

Many ‘New Agers’ believe that if they are working ‘in love and light’ nothing can harm them. Wrong! You can pick up psychic debris from places and people just by being there, and of course when you move negative energies in a healing you don’t want to take them away with you in your energy field!

Psychic attacks can also be made by people, sometimes unintentionally, and by discarnate entities. Unfortunately just as you may attract the attention of guides and angels as you follow your spiritual pathway, so you may attract the attention of other less desirable beings. Many who rush into healing without proper guidance and care. This package will help to prevent you from being ‘easy prey’.

The attunements included in this package are:

  1. Psychic Privacy Protection
  2. High Journey Defender
  3. Valorous Protector
  4. White Wing Positive Influx
  5. Aura Energy Insulator Vortex
  6. Shooting Green Star
  7. Wide Range Protective Energy
  8. Higher Traveling Shield
  9. Super Energy Protection
  10. Vigorous Aura Field
  11. Protection Healing Orb
  12. LIghtning Egg
  13. Divine Personal Guard
  14. Diamond Heart
  15. Vertical Holy Light Energy
  16. Magic Ray Protection
  17. Blue Star Energetic Device
  18. Silver Light Energetic Device
  19. Solar Fire Crystals
  20. Golden Armor Energetic
  21. Abundance Creative Energy
  22. Wulan Kinkana
  23. Dragon Blood Elixir
  24. Energetic Gold Wand
  25. Spiritual Sphere Energetic
  26. Violet Ray Protection Flux
  27. Astral Body Protection
  28. Black Diamond Energy
  29. New Transformation Energetic Device
  30. Golden Armor of Archangel Raphael
  31. Tsai Shen Yeh Taoist God of Wealth
  32. Clear Matrix Energetic
  33. Life Protection Orb
  34. Soul Palm Reiki
  35. Light Vortex Super Wave
  36. Dragon White Wing
  37. Protection Ki Vibration
  38. Energy Implants Neutralizer
  39. Bam Reiki
  40. Magic Protection Reiki
  41. Magic Protection Reiki Advanced
  42. Kundalini Awakening Reiki
  43. White Star Radiance
  44. Essential Unicorn
  45. Etheric Dragon Athame
  46. Earth Energetic Circuit
  47. Energy Implants
  48. Dor Energies
  49. LIghtening Orb
  50. Protection Ki
  51. Location Protection
  52. Sacred Space Grid
  53. Radium Chakra Protection
  54. Life Force for A Super Immunity
  55. Empath Protection Activation and Clearing
  56. Life Force Infusions 1
  57. Life Force Infusions 2
  58. Life Force Infusions 3
  59. Protection Reiki
  60. Orb of Life
  61. Protective Rose
  62. Father Sky Reiki
  63. Rama Sekhem Reiki
  64. DNA Healing
  65. Dream Cocoon
  66. Angelic Moonstone
  67. Higher Soul Fire
  68. Silver Fire Protection Shield
  69. Lion Reiki
  70. Star of Heart
  71. Angelic Citrine
  72. Sulis' Etherical Hot Springs Reiki
  73. Star of Ishtar
  74. Bold Warrior Goddess
  75. Gems of Hestia and Vesta
  76. Angelic Aqua
  77. Enchanted Agate
  78. Devas Protection and Healing
  79. Sacred Etheric Smudge
  80. Money Protection Reiki
  81. Sacred Rainbow Ribbon of Protection
  82. Spiritfire Reiki
  83. Answered Prayers Reiki
  84. Blackstar Sapphire Energy
  85. Elohim 1st Ray
  86. EMR Attunement
  87. Divine Harmony
  88. Waxing Moon and the 9 Muses
  89. Sathya Tummo (4 Attunements)
  90. Zapharel's Light of Protection
  91. Jade Dragon
  92. Sacred Silver Moon
  93. Fire Crystal Reiki
  94. Mangala Charn Empowerment
  95. Dynamic Sacred Space
  96. 7 Rays of Light - Blue Ray
  97. Universal ORbs
  98. The Four Holy Archangels
  99. Energy and Success of Angel Anauel
  100. Light of the Archangels
  101. Shield of Archangel Michael
  102. Angelic Amber Essence
  103. Color of Angels (7 Attunements)
  104. Sapphires of Angels (7 Attunements)
  105. Angel Diamond Star

You will receive the distant attunements via chi ball call in method. One certificate will be issued for the package.  NO SUBSTITUTIONS.

Which free attunement package would you like with your purchase?

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