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Humanity is experiencing a pivotal amplification in vibrational frequency and consciousness. While this ascension process sounds like a passive one, it is not. It is true that the vibrational frequencies on earth have been increasing rapidly for a number of years and that all life is affected by these increasing frequencies. However, to make the quantum shift into ascended consciousness there is spiritual 'due diligence' that must be undertaken by every human lifestream in order to synergize these frequencies and consciously prepare for the quantum changes ahead to escape the density of 3rd dimensional existence and experience the 7th golden age. This package is designed to assist one to amplify ones vibrational frequency and consciousness through this process.

The attunements included are:

  1. Atlantis Crystal Elixir
  2. Heart to Heart Love Passion Reiki
  3. Pure Light Energy Source
  4. Divine Blueprint Essence
  5. Magic Dove Essence
  6. Rainbow LIghtening
  7. Pure Light Source
  8. Bliss Lightbody Activation
  9. Spiritual Transmutation and Purification Activation
  10. Celestial Serenity Encoding 
  11. Celestial Abundance Encoding
  12. Celestial Creativity Encoding
  13. Celestial Divinity Encoding
  14. Celestial Healing Encoding
  15. Celestial Love Encoding
  16. Celestial Peace Encoding
  17. Celestial Protection Encoding
  18. Celestial Psychic Encoding
  19. Lady Venus
  20. Lord Maiterya Love Initiations
  21. Cosmic Kundalini
  22. Lumarian Crystal Band of Light
  23. Cognitive Upgrade
  24. Ascension Symptoms Flush
  25. Lord Babaji Empowerment
  26. Awakening the Light codes of Atlantis
  27. Intelligence Awakening
  28. Ascension Vibration
  29. Ascension and Manifestation Lightwork Program
  30. Blue Star Lemurian Healing
  31. Blue Ray Lemurian Healing
  32. Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis
  33. Stonehenge Energies
  34. 6 Rays and Energy Streams
  35. Silver Laser
  36. Golden Laser
  37. Platinum Laser
  38. Spiritual Awakening Ascension Symptoms Shield
  39. Angelic Aura Essence
  40. Indigo Light Body
  41. DNA Light Integretive
  42. Quantum Energy Shield
  43. Quantum Body Qi
  44. Quantum Energetic Body
  45. Exhaltation Attunement
  46. Etheric Body Healing
  47. Divine Lights
  48. Golden Healing
  49. God Vibration Mastery 1 and 2
  50. Sacred Bridge
  51. Order of the Gold Light of Melchizedek
  52. Ascended Masters Connection
  53. Ray Readings - 18 attunements
  54. Indigo 3rd Eye Power
  55. Universal Spiritual Harmony
  56. Universal Peace
  57. Higher Light Shield
  58. Life Path Empowerment
  59. Luminous Energy Field Clearing and Empowerment
  60. Divine Clearing Ray
  61. Infinity Living
  62. Pleidian DNA Clearing and Activation

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