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HUNA EMPOWERMENTS * HAWAII * KAHUNA The Huna workshop by Peggy Jentoft

 is a set of energy work practices

and energies given by attunement.

 The functions given in these attunements

 and the information and practices are

drawn from the teachings and practices

now called Huna. This workshop cannot

encompass more than a few of the

 concepts and principles of these ancient practices.

 This workshop is primarily an energy work

 system utilizing energies and information from

 Hawaiian Kahuna teachings. The teachings of Huna

 are universal. This workshop draws upon these

universal teachings as preserved in the Hawaiian Islands.

This workshop contains information and

attunements to energy frequencies we call

 shakti and  functions and techniques which strengthen your energy body increase  the ability of your energy channels

 to hold and carry more and higher qualities of Mana and help you call in Mana .


 The Earth Blessings Attunement  increases the awareness of being close toand connected with  the Earth and of awareness and appreciation of being nurtured by the earth.


Some of the other empowerments include 

an attunement  which  works to clears

negative thought forms  from the energy body,

 a shakti which works to dissolve  emotional conflicts,

shakti for all purpose healing, instruction

in a powerful Huna healing practice.


Some other  functions in the workshop

 are activatable attunements which help

increase  your  courage, enthusiasm  and ability to give and receive love.  A  shakti which promotes physical detoxification. 

The Harmonizing the three selves

attunement and procedure  which is 

one of the most useful practices any where 

for inner healing and spiritual connection, and many  other shakti and procedures.  This workshop has tools

for your own healing, meditation and spiritual

development and for working with and for others as well as Earth and environmental and situational healing and harmony.



Mana Carrying Energy Body Enhancement

Aura Strengthening Attunement

Mana Fountain Attunement And Meditation

Earth Blessings Attunement And Booster

Ha Breath Method And Attunement

Breath Enhancement

Nervous System Enhancement

Circulatory System Enhancement

Organ Enhancement

Heart Foundation Attunement

Eye Of The Kanaloa Flower Attunement

Subconscious Cleansing Shakti

Mental Clearing Shakti

Detoxification Shakti

Huna Heali ng Shakti

Kahi Healing Procedure

Harmonizing The Three Selves

Heart Of The Sun

Cross of Fire

Lea Gladness Water And Shakti

"Now" Manawa Attunement

Five Element Cycle

Ho-O-Pono-Pono Shakti

Huna Soul Fusion

Nalu Meditation

Individualized Energy Work  

You will receive remote attunement via chi ball method, manual and certificate send via save a tree method

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