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50% OFF Spiritual Path Psychic Reading with the Archangels and Ascended Masters Channeled Email Reading


Spiritual Path Reading with the Archangels and Ascended Masters

regular price 299.99

I have channelled and worked alongside the Archangels and Ascended Masters for many years, both helping others and also for my own personal growth.  You will find their words of wisdom uplifting, compassionate and all embracing helping you to find your own truth and understanding for whatever situation you are facing at the present time.  These loving beings of light work through me to help those who are facing challenges in their life, searching for more clarity and direction or are moving out of one cycle into a new phase in life.  

 With a Spiritual Path Reading I connect with the ArchAngels and Ascended Masters who will channel information and knowledge which will help you in moving forward and aligning with your Souls Purpose in this lifetime.  You will be advised of the abilities and gifts you have brought into this life along with the gifts you have acquired through previous lifetimes along with other abilities you have chosen to develop.

 If you are already consciously on your Spiritual Path, these readings can be helpful in bringing forward advanced understandings, higher knowledge and insights that can help you progress in a more positive and effective way. 

Within this reading you will find blockages that are holding you back from expressing your inner light are cleared and you are aligned at a deeper level with your Higher Self.  This can bring with it more clarity and strength of purpose to your life, helping you to shine your inner light in a much more conscious way.



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