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Broken Heart Energy Healing Session 90 Minutes - Find Sense of Well Being, Release from Pain of Rejection, Abandonment and Anger and MUCH MORE


If your partner (or father, mother, friend) has left you, abandoned you, hurt you, abused you or just broken your heart, it's time to sit back...and think...really really think...Sometimes life circumstances and or experiences breaks our heart!

Very few of us reach adulthood without at least one broken heart. Many of us have suffered several and resist exposing ourselves again and experiencing and repeating that type of pain.   We worry that if our hearts are broken and shattered, we may never feel whole again.

The one thing I know for sure is that our hearts are much more resilient than ever imagined and we can heal if we choose to. Relationships are a mirror and reflect our insecurities and vulnerabilities as well as our strengths and positive attributes. When we are rejected we go through a period of introspection and tend to focus on our flaws, imperfections, and shortcomings. Our self esteem suffers and we suffer emotional wounds.

As an energy healer and intuitive counselor I find over and over again how every deep hurt we experience comes down to a test of our own self love. This session will help you to fully love and value yourself when rejected by others so that you can forgive yourself for your mistakes. This will help you to stop allowing rejection or indifference to become a reflection of your own self worth and you can still love yourself. 

Often when we are hurt we harden our hearts and don’t take the risk of exposing ourselves again to avoid future pain and heartache. This session will help you to move forward and take risks again, trust again.

The energy healing supports you in letting go of the tendency to give your power away and let another person(s) or situation(s) define you as lovable or not. This allows you to move into loving and honoring yourself.  If your heart is broken, take the time and energy to nurture and love yourself with a heart break healing session. You are worth it!

 How can I mend my broken heart?

 The Broken Heart Energy Healing Session can help you find a sense of well-being, release from the pain of rejection,abandonment and anger. This session helps to you accept, acknowledge and release the pain so that you stop inflicting suffering on yourself. This session supports you in healing Guilt, Grief, Anger, Anxiety, Sadness, Loneliness, Resentment, Frustration and Fear --because these Are Blocking You From Living The Life Of Your Dreams! Heal low self esteem, poor ways of behaving and responding to situations that cause you fear, anxiety, disappointment, frustration and the like. In this way you will no longer have to go round and round on the same merry go round of disappointment, and heart break.

You deserve to have your emotional needs met. Inviting you on a journey from broken heart towards emotionally empowered healthy heart...

 Experience Healing as an alternative approach towards your radiant emotional health! Heal emotional pain.

See the new possibilities

Feel the freedom

Hear the whisper...

It's time for a change.

 Healing For a Broken Heart

 Release the pain and guilt

Dissolve your grief Connect with your Playfulness

Create meaningful relationships

Heal your energy field

Clear Stagnant emotions from your energy field

Reduce Stress

Clear judgments that you have inflicted upon yourself

Increase health and harmony in your body

Create energy space around you and feel emotionally safe 

Manifest your goals with grace and ease

Restore confidence and self esteem

Clear and Heal Wounds

Mend your broken heart

Stop participating in abusive relationship

Erase painful re-occurring patterns in your life

Align with your highest potential

Move forward with your life

Release fear and anxiety

Know the difference between thinking, feeling and being

Have more energy and excitement in life

Forgive and release old resentments

Deeply relax your mind and body

Celebrate yourself 

Clearing out old energy and residue from your relationships

Release emotional blockages that are keeping you from moving on

Raise your vibration

Supportive energy for Setting clear energetic boundaries for new and existing relationships

Opens you up to attract new people and circumstances into your life

Receive the warmth, love and nurturing that accompanies a Heart Break Healing session

All of this and much more is available to you right now !

 This energy healing session activates your body's natural healing systems that creates a cocoon of bliss around you strengthening your auric field.


Increased personal magnetism generates amazing results for you.


Physical, Mental, Emotional,Educational, Social, Financial or Spiritual challenges are the by-products of Imbalance of energy, Congestion or depletion of energy.


Clearing and Cleansing the non-supportive energy from your energy field, Cleaning your aura and the chakras, leaves you feeling very relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated, and thatis just the start....


As a spectrum of this energy healing processes work for you your aura and chakras are energized. You feel centered, grounded and very peaceful as a bio-magnetic amplification attracts higher frequencies of energy at all levels - Physical, Mental, Emotional, Educational,Social, Financial or Spiritual


The energy healing offers you an 'Instant energy lift' that you feel immediately as the session begins.


Perhaps in visiting the website you are reminded that

You have given a lot of yourself in this lifetime

And now it's time to relax, bring your mind back to center and

Receive a deep and refreshing Healing Session.


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