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Soul Healing Session 90 Minutes Clear Pain and Trauma Held at a Soul Level, Clear Past and Present Blocks, including cellular trauma.


Soul Healing Session

Reg price 59.99

90 Minutes

This unique energy comes from the Ascended Master Jesus.

It is necessary to clear all pain and trauma held within at a Soul level, sothat you may transform your life to one of peace and joy.

This form of Soul therapy is about allowing yourself the freedom to heal, clear past and present blocks, including cellular trauma,and to move into the now. This healing can only be achieved by connecting to the cause of the issue.


Master Jesus, through will guide you gently,using love and compassion toward your releaseand Soul healing.

You will connect to the highest vibrational energies to assist this profound deep healing process. Once cleared and healed, you are free to move forward on your life path in a positiveway, enjoying the freedom from old emotional chains that previously bound you. Restore your balance.

Heal your body at Soul and cellular level.

It's Amazing! It works! Join the hundreds of souls who havegained freedom in their lives.


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