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50% OFF Life Transitions Healing Package Six 60 Minute Sessions to Clear Beliefs that keep us stuck in situations that are no longer working. BONUS


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BONUS GIFT : With your purchase you will receive two single healing sessions of your choice. At checkout you will be asked which two single healing sessions you would like to receive.

Life Transitions

Someone once said that the only constant in life is change. That concept is the basis for this package. We are working on clearing beliefs that keep us stuck in situations that are no longer working.

Transitions can be anything;

From relationships ending to relationships beginning

From adding or loosing children to adding or loosing pets.

From changing jobs to changing homes.

From living with chronic illness to dying.

From changing careers to changing schools.

From beginning a fitness program to beginning a diet.

From growing to healing.

Every decision we make creates new dimensions in our lives. The more we are able to embrace change, the easier our lives will be and the more we can experience life as an adventure.

Each Session is 120 Minutes Long

Accepting and Integrating change: What else is there to say? Becoming more flexible internally is like squirting our lives with WD40.

Impatience: This issue seems to come with the territory. So many times we know we need to make a change, and drag our feet. Then suddenly, we make the decision to change and we want it to magically move from what it was to what we want and resist the inevitable time it takes to get from point A to point B.

Letting Go and Grieving: We sometimes overlook the need to grieve what we are choosing to release. Grieving is important to our emotional balance. Grieving is becoming aware of our part in the process of moving forward. When we resist letting go, we get stuck holding on to too many things, which shows up as frustration and even exhaustion.

Releasing Illusion: Many times once we decide to let go, we look back only to realize that what we were actually holding on to had very little to do with what we thought we were attached to. One example of this issue is in children becoming adults and holding on to their imaginary, ideal parent. We can get frozen in our lives trying to earn that illusion's approval or love.

Surrender and Integration: This is a deep one. As we let go of old things, we are learning to surrender our fears and trust in the process, whatever that may be. We are consciously choosing to allow change to nestle into our hearts and become a chosen part of who we are becoming.

Self Responsibility: In this context we are focusing on remembering who we are and who we are creating ourselves to become. We are recognizing that we are ultimately responsible for everything that happens in our lives, (yes, everything) and the other side of this coin is self empowerment. When we realize that we are the author of our own lives, then we realize that we can change the way our story writes itself.

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