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50% OFF Prosperity Healing Package - Six 90 Minute Sessions to Bring Your Wishes and Desires into Reality PLUS BONUS GIFTS


Prosperity Healing Package -  Six 90 Minute Sessions

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When you hear the words "abundance" and "prosperity", what immediately comes to mind? Is it money, fulfilling relationships, a lovely house to live in, peace of mind, a career/vocation that expresses your gifts? It may be all or none of those things. It may mean something else to you. But if you want to attract more prosperity and abundance into your life, no matter how you define them, then this healing package will support you in doing just that!

These sessions are designed to help you in manifesting, creating and attracting more abundance and prosperity in your life. Most of us are wanting more abundance and prosperity than we currently have in our lives. This package centers around clearing away those blocks and beliefs that are standing in your way. Consider this an important step in the process of changing your status from what you have come to believe is "all there is" to learning how to bring your wishes into your reality.

Each Session is 90 Minutes long.

Anxiety, Stress and Depression Clearing and Healing Session : Are you stressed out about the economy or worried that your health is getting the better of you? Are you depressed because you are not living the life you desire? If so, this session will hlep you get control over your emotions and your finances so you live in more certainty and less in the state of anxiety, depression and stress. Many people are dealing with anxiety and or depression in the area of money and career. This session will clear these blocks to prosperity, abundance, creating, manifesting, so that you can create what you truly desire instead of what you do not desire. It's time to enable yourself to stand up and live your life in abundance. Discover the joy of living with absolutely no stress or anxiety. This session is designed to evaporate your stress and anxiety completely.

Receiving Abundance Clearing and Healing Session : If you have trouble receiving abundance you may actually push away abundance, opportunities that may lead to abundance and the like. This session is designed to remove anything that blocks you from receiving. It will open you up to allowing yourself to receive so that you receive more. This will help you clear any blocks to receiving abundance and success and this energy will help you to attract more abundance and prosperity into your life.

Finding Bliss and Passion Healing Session : This session will help you to know and live your passion and bliss. It will open your mind, heart, soul, in such a way that your perceptions and beliefs about bringing in prosperity into your life can change and transform and support you in living the life you truly desire - that you are passionate about and so you can experience lasting bliss.

Motivational Energy Clearing and Healing Session : This session is designed to give you motivational energy. Fear will be cleared and released so that you are not 'fearing' yourself into doing what needs to be done, threatening yourself with the worst case scenarios if you make a mistake or fail. The energy will support you in motivating yourself with love and excitement. It will help you to complete tasks with greater ease and in such a way that you enjoy the task and feeling good about your efforts and contributions. 

Abundance Clearing and Healing Session : This clearing will remove old vows, oaths of poverty you may have taken in your efforts to find your path in past incarnations. False and limiting beliefs which no longer serve your higher good will be released so that you are not living from a place of lack, poverty consciousness, or experiencing victimhood mentality and the like. You will be re-energized with feelings of being abundant in all areas of your life and as a result manifest abundance in your life. As you experience more happiness and contentment within from the clearing and healing work done you will draw more abundance and happiness in all forms to you and your life. 

Opportunity Attraction Healing Session : This session is designed to support you in creating opportunities for abundance in your life. The blocks are now cleared to abundance and prosperity and now your light will shine outwardly representing the authentic, abundant you. This will allow your vibrations to radiate and reach others showing them what you have to offer. This will attract opportunities to you that you have wanted in your deepest hearts desires. 

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