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Career Healing Package Twelve 90 Minute Healing Sessions - Clear Blocks in Your Career Path! Attract a New Job!

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The Career healing package is liberating and fulfilling, and can support you in achieving your current career or plans, help you in attracting a job or for beginning a transition to a new career. These sessions are indeed rewarding and positive experiences. This is for you if you are in your life's career, or in the midst of creating your dream job or trying to attract a new job.  You know what you want to do, and yet you know you have some things that need to be dusted away. If you are wanting to have confidence in yourself and your abilities and to communicate and handle yourself in a professional way, this package is for you and will really enhance your career path so that it is successful and fulfilling. 

Each Session is 90 Minutes.

Session One

Communications : This clearing is all about communicating in a business setting. Giving and receiving instructions from those around you, as well as hearing what others are saying with less of that nagging issue of taking things personally when the motivation was "purely business" on the part of the speaker. The clearing will assist you in being a star communicator and performer helping you to be able to talk to people, sell your ideas, build consensus, rapport and trust with people. This will give you the energetic boost you need while interviewing so that you captivate the attention of the interviewer with your confidence and ability to communicate with charisma and power.

Session 2

Motivation and Procrastination : We all deal with getting through life and making progress in a days work. When we lack confidence, worry about our performance and have nightmares about forgetting something. these anxieties can play out in ways that slow or even stop our productivity. This session will motivate you and help you to remove barriers to getting things done. You have enough enemies when it comes to getting things done - having your own brain plotting against you is just unfair. This session will help you get past mental roadblocks and back to productivity. It is especially helpful when you are sending out many resumes, and perhaps interviewing and facing rejection. In that situation it is easy to lose your motivation to continue trying and or to procrastinate on looking for a new job.

Session Three

Confidence : Speaking of confidence. Is yours hiding behind that expensive business suit? This session is designed to restore your confidence and remove barriers to feeling confident when looking for a new job, when interviewing, and once you are at work. The energy session will help you to improve relations, manage fears and lack of confidence, boosting your self esteem and your career. As a result you will be able to be more assertive and be taken more seriously as your words and actions will have more conviction. This will help you advance in your career. Emotions will be balanced and self awareness and knowledge will be enhanced. With new confident vibrations working in and through you you are more likely to engage in challenging but manageable projects, get outside your comfort zone and allow you to achieve new goals and or get the job you desire - all of which are valued characteristics of successful workers.

Session Four

Authority and Powe r: Whether you are the big cheese or the mouse in the corner of your work world, you are likely wrestling with how to interact with those in power and those with influence. Clearing this cluster can begin the process of making sense of this often confusing terrain. This session will also help you to overcome fears and learn how to accept authority and responsibility and power. It will help you to influence the self and or others in achievement of goals and objectives in your work life and or in obtaining a new job. This will help you to know that you have enough authority, power, confidence, to meet your obligations in your working life.

Session Five

Judging vs. Discernmen t: This session will assist you in discerning those we you can trust and those who may be watching out for their own needs at the expense of yours in your business life. It will help you to have balance between believing the best of others and suspecting trouble in every experience with others. This will prevent you from inadvertently setting yourself up for trouble in your work environment or accepting a job that you know is not for you out of lack of motivation and discouragement in looking for a new job. The session helps you to discern the differences between being judgmental and using your discernment skills as a strong center from which to draw your strength.

Session 6

Deserving Respect and Abundance : This session is designed to reconnect you to your value as a person - to the knowing that you have something that others value and respect. Money is only a small facet of the expression of worth our world has discovered. The session will connect you to respect within your inner being so that you are able to believe in your own worth. As a result, others will buy into your belief for in truth, when we all have a knowing of what something is worth, we are all winners; both the one who buys and the one who sells. Dignity is your birthright!

Session 7

Empowering the Subconscious Mind

In this session you will be given the ability to direct the power of your own subconscious mind to bring you or to create that dream career while feeling relaxed and confident. Anxieties, fears and insecurities will be released. This will assist you in attracting a job so that is exactly what you are looking for and feel empowered to get it or to raise the vibrations of your current job so that you excel in your current position. Enjoy having the confidence and the ability to make your career a reality. You can attract employment where you enjoy your spending days.

Session 8

Manifestation Boost


This session will accelerate the manifestation process of a new and fulfilling career/job. It will bring you freedom from overwhelm, and negative thoughts about manifesting the career situation that you desire. Barriers and limiting beliefs will be cleared so that you attract the ideal job career giving you a newfound sense of worth and value.

Session 9

Mind Power Boost  


Your mind broadcasts your thoughts to the world. They are perceived by other people on the subconscious level, and if these people are in a position to help you, they will. Often, all kinds of "coincidences" happen, just to bring you into contact with the right people at the right time, so that you attain your desire. This session gives you the energetic boost you need to attract a job, one that is better than your last or to raise your current job to one where you are perceived by other people as confidence, hard working and valuable. Doubts and worries will be cleared. The energy will fill the mind with inspiration and motivation and positive thinking. It will allow you to harness the great power in your mind to attain the job you desire. It is helpful when looking to attract a new and or better job.

Opening the Mind

Session Ten


Open Your Mind

This session opens the mind so that you are open to how your new job might show up or how your current job will be raised to a higher vibrational level. Opening the mind allows you to let the Universe surprise and delight you in just how easy it can be to attract and obtain a new position.  It empowers you so that your mind is open to it coming “out of the blue” in a way you never would have expected. The more open you are, the more fun Universe can have with you in attracting to you the job you desire.

Session 11

Inspiration Boost

The more nervous or anxious you get about finding new work, the more likely you are to take actions that don’t help. Unhappy energies are released so that they don’t lead to unhappy endings, no matter how much action you take to “make it happen'. The energy will assist you in visioning the job you wish to attract, visioning your energy result so that you can feel the joy of it in advance and then take action that feels good.

Session 12

Calmness Boost


The energy of this session will help you to 'Stay Cool' and act from a place of calm and center. It will help you to not get attached when you see a possibility that you are excited about. It will remove scarcity thinking such as 'this is my only shot' so I better make it happen. Then when it does not turn out as you hoped feeling that all is lost. That vibration of desperation and neediness are repellent energies that prevents other opportunities from revealing themselves, it also makes us an unlikely match for getting hired. The energy will release unhelpful vibes replacing them with positive and truth filled vibes in alignment with the truth that you live in an abundant world with lots of possibilities. It will help you remain calm during the process of looking for a new job so that you are attracting a positive situation.










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