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Searching for Soulmates

This is the package you are looking for if you are ready to find new relationships, including friends, not limiting yourself to romance only. The focus here is clearing away old energies, and embracing new ones.

If you are still in a relationship, or wanting out of one and hoping for a new one, this is NOT the package for you.

This work is all about focusing on yourself, to become the person you want to become. This is about getting crystal clear about who you want in your life and then bringing those people into your life.

This is about bringing people into your life that support you in being true to yourself, and that may be more than one person. You may choose just one person to spend your time with in a romantic relationship, that's up to you. This package is about creating space in your heart that is so inviting that others will want to get to know you better.

One of the best ways I know of to support your own growth is to surround yourself with people who are also interested in becoming more true themselves. Two well-balanced individuals choosing to spend time together because being together supports their individual growth is my definition of creating healthy and sturdy relationships.

Each Session is 90 Minutes.

Letting Go, Grieving : Even if you are searching for your first relationship and you feel like you have nothing to let go of or grieve, you probably do. We all have had childhoods and we need to let go of our need for our parents' approval, just as an example of things we need to release to clear ourselves.

Relationships (Intimate) : This is all about clearing out those fears of trusting another person with your heart.

Identity : Take your power, own your space, choose to inhabit this body and become who you are independent of anyone else. When your identity is solid your relationships are stronger.

Giving, Receiving : The more in balance these energies are within you, the more in balance they will be in your relationships.

Giving - Receiving Switch Though this one sounds like it is the same as the Giving and Receiving, it is completely different. With this one, many people notice much more choice and the ability to bring to consciousness when they are giving and when they are receiving, and to choose what is in line with their hearts in that moment.

Soulmate Beaco n With all you have done within yourself you are ready to get serious about making your intentions known to the universe, clearly and concisely.

Abandonment : So often we are afraid those we love most will leave us. Many times this fear has roots in our childhood. Parents don't have to physically abandon a child to play a role in this issue. Emotional absence, or emotional attachment can be just as devastating to our development. Jealousy, Insecurity: Another fear-based dynamic that can cause so much pain. When we realize that we are insecure, we can begin to heal ourselves, and release our often innocent partner from our constant vigil.

Sexuality : We, as a society, learn about sexuality in some often inefficient and even destructive ways. This clearing is a strong first step to your own healing. We are spirits living in a human body, and loving our bodies, even daring to enjoy them, can be a challenge if we have been raised in shame.

Anger : In Relationships, anger can show up as a brilliant way for us to know something isn't working between two people. However, when anger is out of balance, it is experienced as painful to its target.

Childhood Trauma : When we choose another person with whom to share our lives we invariably discover ourselves reliving our own childhood wounds. If these wounds are left open and painful, we can get confused as to where that pain actually comes from. These issues are often deep and layered. Clearing the beliefs is a powerful beginning to a much deeper healing.

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