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Supporting Healthy Relationships Healing Pkg- 12-90 Min Healing Sessions - Make Your Relationship Stronger, More Trusting, Balanced


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Supporting Healthy Relationships Healing Package

This is the one for you if you are happy in your relationship and you want it to be even stronger, more in balance and more trusting.

Each Session is 90 Minutes.

Communications; This belief cluster is all about how we interact with this special person. We all have ways of communicating with others, and much of our "style" of communication is based on what we believe about ourselves and others.

Compassion and vulnerability; The more we are able to empathize with our partner, the more we can connect. If our partner is also skilled at empathizing, this creates an emotional safety between both people; vulnerability then becomes a gentle next step.

Defensiveness and Anger: Even great relationships have some bumps in them at times. This clearing is about listening to our anger and understanding it as a symptom of a deeper issue. Anger is caused by what we are thinking, which is often times an distortion office what actually is. These distortions are often based on past experiences reflecting those we associate with pain.

Judging and being judged: We can cause ourselves and others so much unnecessary pain when we jump to painful conclusions based on little or no information. We sometimes add interpretations to innocent observations. Becoming aware of how we judge others can allow us the opportunity to release these illusions and replace them with a much brighter reality.

Co dependency: The "C" word! Every relationship, in my most humble opinion, has issues that are powerful growing mediums for co dependency. This clearing will start taking the edge off this confusing area, and help you being to be more aware of when you are participating in co dependency. Recognizing your role and finding new ways of loving is a challenge and oh so worth it!

Clearing between 2 people: Karma, Soul Contracts, Soul Fragments. This clearing is highly recommended between two people at any time, and especially those who want to be working on only this life time's issues. Clearing these past connections relieves that sensation of obligation and supports our efforts to find our identity WHILE being in a committed relationship. This clearing is done for each individual, as well as clearing as a couple. When I do this work on just one person, the clearings may affect the other person as well, if they allow the clearing to happen. However, when both people want the clearing at a conscious level, then I can do all three clearings for both people at the same time. That saves me time, and saves you money.

Relationship Cord Clearing Between 2 people - This session will remove any unhealthy negative astral cords, energetic cords, karmic cords, that are affecting the relationship. These would be the cords that no longer serve the higher good in the relationship.  There are also positive cords in relationships but often the positive cords are heavy, drained, dense, and need to be cleansed and healed in order to strengthen the relationship. These positive cords will be cleansed and healed in this session so that the energy between you and your loved one is as positive and as healthy as possible.

Abandonment: So often we are afraid those we love most will leave us. Many times this fear has roots in our childhood. Parents don't have to physically abandon a child to play a role in this issue. Emotional absence, or emotional attachment can be just as devastating to our development. Jealousy, Insecurity: Another fear-based dynamic that can cause so much pain. When we realize that we are insecure, we can begin to heal ourselves, and release our often innocent partner from our constant vigil.

Sexuality: We, as a society, learn about sexuality in some often inefficient and even destructive ways. This clearing is a strong first step to your own healing. We are spirits living in a human body, and loving our bodies, even daring to enjoy them, can be a challenge if we have been raised in shame.

Anger: In Relationships, anger can show up as a brilliant way for us to know something isn't working between two people. However, when anger is out of balance, it is experienced as painful to its target.

Childhood Trauma: When we choose another person with whom to share our lives we invariably discover ourselves reliving our own childhood wounds. If these wounds are left open and painful, we can get confused as to where that pain actually comes from. These issues are often deep and layered. Clearing the beliefs is a powerful beginning to a much deeper healing.

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