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Archangel Raphael Distant Healing Session 90 Minutes - Heal any pain or discomfort, emotions, stresses, release past life issues, habits, thought patt


Archangel Raphael's name means " God Heals".

Archangel Raphael supervises healers and healing for all Earth’s population. Archangel Raphael can assist you when you are in any kind of pain, whether it is physical, emotional, romantic, mental, intellectual or spiritual. During healing sessions you can expect Archangel Raphael to surround and nurture you with His emerald green light of his halo.  Archangel Raphael will energetically supply whatever is needed to promote healing. Archangel Raphael can promote healing in rocky marriages, addiction, grief and loss, family relationships and stressful lifestyles.

This mighty Archangel is able to fearlessly move into what ever area is in need of healing, bringing a host of Angels with him to accomplish this. It does not matter what you are facing, Archangel Raphael will help you through the healing power of Spirit and the Universe.





Please send an email prior to the session so that you can state your intentions for the session. Please include any issues on an emotional, physical, spiritual and or mental level with which you are experiencing. As well, list any area of your life where you need expensive healing.

Archangel Raphael Healing Session:

I am gifted with the ability to channel Archangel Raphael as a full body channel. During quiet reflection, Archangel Raphael's energy and essence becomes one with mine. Archangel Raphael then conducts your healing session. He will lay his hands on you so that you canexperience the full array of his exquisite healing energy. Every session is different, but he will typically work on your physical, mental, and emotional bodies; as well as your 7 auric fields. Archangel Raphael has been known to restructure/ re-wire the nervoussystem, evolve the brain function, remove duality, heal the physical, release/remove fears, among other things. He will work with the all of the energy bodies (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and auric) and energy codes in your body.


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