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Greatness Empowerment by MHLA - Experience true expansion, step into your inner personal power and embrace your greatness - PLUS 30 Min of Healing


 With your purchase of this attunement you will also receive 30 minutes of distant healing.

Greatness Empowerment


The Greatness Empowerment is a gift from Spirit given so that you can experience your true expansion, step into your inner personal power and embrace your greatness. The empowerment will help you to get in touch with that drive inside you that draws you to your greatness so that you can achieve positive results in your life and path. It will transform your thoughts so that you do not have false beliefs that there is some limitation that will not allow you to achieve your greatness. It will give you a motivating energy boost to pursue those things that you are passionate about so that you begin creating and living your dreams now. It will boost your self confidence and faith in yourself.


This empowerment will allow you to accept the greatness that is yours by Divine right so that you do not settle for less than what the Divine intends for you in any area of your life.  This energy is designed to help you believe in yourself so that you can tap into the unlimited potential within and rediscover that drive inside you that pushes you forward on your path and purpose. It will enable you to approach your life path and purpose with greater motivation, passion, desire and vision. The energy will enable you to take advantage of opportunities that come your way to pursue your dreams and goals.


The empowerment can be used when you are struggling with holding on to your dreams to be great, to do great things, to accomplish your goals and create your dreams. The energy will help you to hold onto your dreams and continue setting goals so that you push forward with pursuit of your passions no matter what trial may arise that seeks to destroy your dreams. The Greatness Empowerment has a persisting energy that helps you to continue to forge ahead so that your greatness shines through and you accomplish the great things you set out to accomplish.


The Greatness Empowerment can be used for:


Reaching Greatness

A Motivation Boost

Discovering innate talents, abilities, spiritual gifts

Pursuing passions

Thinking your way to greatness

Unlocking unlimited potential and possibility within

Overcoming fear

Creating successful habits

Help you choose greatness over mediocrity

Tapping into the Higher Self

Attracting successful positive people into your life

Accepting the belief that you can be great

When you want to experience growth, betterment and improvement

Help you strive for excellence

Get in touch with the extraordinary within you

Feeling the true happiness that exists within you

And so much more!


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