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Where are you From, Where Have You been Reading Delivered by Email - Channeled Reading


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Where are you From, Where Have You been? –  Reading- Delivered by Email

This reading involves learning which Realm you come from and or where you have been. This is different than a past life reading.  If you've ever felt disconnected to this planet or just didn't fit in with everyone else, you could be from another Realm. There are so many things changing in our world, rules are being rewritten and other beings are coming in as humans to aid us in the planets shifting. Some people on the planet have been Angels, Faeries, or even Star People (from another planet or star system)in another lifetime. Some people have the blessing of having traveled to many different dimensions, living different experiences. These are usually the Earth Teachers, Healers and Lightworkers among us. This reading may give you details about the different dimensions you have lived or visited!

I've even met someone that had been a Unicorn once. This connection to "where you come from" and or “where you have been”, may also help you better understand your purpose and desire to work in a particular field. Each Realm has a passion for a particular cause.

My feelings are once a person knows where they come from and what dimensions or realms where they have existed or visited they have more peace for who they are now and can begin walking towards their higher purpose. This reading is lengthy, detailed and full of wisdom from the Angelic Realm. There is no way to describe it other a experience which brings the soul to Higher Places of understanding. It takes about two hours to channel. There are messages included as well.

The reading is lengthy, detailed, and includes much information. It will answer these questions and more! The reading will be delivered to your email box! :)




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