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50% OFF Shaman Course Attunement Package 30 Powerful Native American Indian and Shaman Attunements PLUS BOGO

$149.99 $1,500.00


PLUS receive an ATTUNEMENT PACKAGE of equal or lesser value FREE!

This course package includes some very powerful Native Amercian Indian and Shaman Courses. Get in touch with your Sacred Self through the following courses.  The Shaman Force attunements alone would cost more than this price. This is quite a bargain!:) For a limited time only! You will receive the manuals, attunements by chi ball call in method and one certificate for the package. No substitutions please.

Retail Value 1500.00

  1. Shaman Care
  2. Spirit of the Four Winds (normally 22.99)
  3. Shaman Force (normally $55)
  4. Shaman Force Master Course (normally $55.00)
  5. Shamanic Soul Retrival Reiki (normally 22.99)
  6. Owl Empowerment
  7. Ama Deus
  8. One Spirit
  9. Shamanic Empowerment
  10. Shaman Power
  11. Shamanic Reiki
  12. Magical Shaman Lightworker Program (normally 99.99)
  13. Indian Waterfall Empowerment
  14. Shamanic Energy Healing
  15. Activation of the Medicine Wheel
  16. Totem Reiki
  17. Run Valdr
  18. Sacred Earth Reiki
  19. Activation of the Shaman
  20. Spider Woman
  21. White Buffalo Calf Woman
  22. Sacred Moon
  23. Angelic Turquoise Essence Energy
  24. Deer Medicine Empowerment
  25. Bear Medicine Empowerment
  26. Mayan Reiki Level 1
  27. Mayan Reiki Level 2
  28. Mayan Reiki Level 3
  29. Divine Will Reiki
  30. Prehnite Crystal Empowerment
  31. Ma Heo O Reiki Level 1
  32. Ma Heo O Reiki Level 2
  33. Ma Heo O Reiki Level 3

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