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Light Particular Assimilation Attunement by Gabi Solina & Ellen Dana Stamer

$100.00 $200.00

 From the Manual: You - Light of Light, and you

go into this experience with Light. The photon energy is what moves our earth

forward, the most dynamic source of light.

This is nothing like the power of the Creator God, source of all ages. This idea, which

you can use to see the light at different levels for the expansion of consciousness.

Therefore you acknowledge experience as a non-physical, and the experience of

physical vibration.

In your piece, which is not physical, ie in which light particles (this is a wonderful

cell energy photons, which is the embodiment of the divine), you will find

experience that leads you to an unlimited world.

In the day that you do not aspire more to being better than another

person, per day, in which you seek to become better collectively, you starts to go

along with all the expensive light, you know the harmony and peace, and your

the significance of what actually is said to be a man.

You'll see why you are so wonderfully loved the spiritual world of the source of all

that IS. Then you will see clearly what you can not imagine that the peace and

your life will never end, you're not limited, but it's only human experience. AND

You acknowledge that we are all united in our solar system, and then we use this time

together with our highest potential. You no longer live in fear because you

know only peace and love.

You know the promise of the Creator, the source of all that is

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