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Ultimate Clearing and Healing Session Package - remove negative energies, thoughts, emotions and beliefs - 21 - Sixty Min Sessions


Number of Clearings - 21

There are twenty one 60 Minute Sessions in this package.

It is possible to remove negative energies, thoughts, emotions and beliefs! Although you may not realize it picking up energy that does not belong to you is quite easy. It happens all the time, everyday! This can happen simply by being around others when they are stressed, anxious, angry or fearful.


Limiting and Negative belief systems have been adopted since birth. This session clears and releases all energies and negative belief systems, limiting thoughts and feelings, negative energies and emotions, that are being held in your energy field. Only that which does do not serve your highest good will be removed.


This includes trauma, stored in your energy field, in the cellular memory. All of the blockages within your energy system will be removed permanently.


As a result of this clearing work you will be free of negative effects of past traumas, clear and heal your cellular memory, release energetic blockages (limiting beliefs, feelings), and aligning your energy with what you wish to bring into your life experience with ease. You will no longer attract unwanted experiences into your life.


Each session will be given 60 minutes of energy clearing.


Session One Aura/Auric Sheath/Auric Field Clearing. This session works to clear, heal, repair, recalibrate, expand, activate, seal and shield your aura, the auric sheath and other energy fields around the physical, etheric, mental, emotional and physical bodies and energetic centers and systems.

Session Two Healing Your Shadow Clearing. This session is designed to assist you in claiming, healing and embracing your shadow. This will clear in old, stale, stagnant, less than love energies, patterns, blueprints and templates from your entire lifetime.

Session Three Communication Clearing - This session’s purpose is to release negative frequencies that have come from electronics or technologies like cell phones, televisions and or vehicles like the internet. During this session you will also be shielded from further negative exposure on any level.

Session Four Control Issues Clearing - In the control issues clearing there will be a focus on clearing attachments to control whether it is being controlled or being controlling as well as any unrealistic expectations and or negative agendas. This will release the less than love energies around the issue of control permanently.

Session Five Covenants, Contracts, Vows, Oaths, Promises Clearing - This session will release contracts, vows, promises, oaths, covenants that are not serving your highest good as well as any subsequent energy cords attached to these.

Session Six Patterns of Energy Interference Clearing - This session is designed to clear energy you absorbed from the government and or alien intervention on the planet, including anything genetically encoded.

Session Seven Entity, Attachments Clearing - This session releases Entities, Spirit elementals, occupants, body beings, and the energetic anchors, triggers and cords associated with them.

Session Eight Toxins and Pollution Clearing - The Toxins and Pollutions clearing is an environmental clearing that releases the effects of any exposure that you have had to environmental toxins and pollutions since you were born.

Session Nine Implant, Suppression Devices, Profiles and Programming Clearing - This clearing will release implants, cages, traps, energy drains, past life weaponry, portals & stargates, pockmarks, wedges, micro black holes, etheric debris and parasites and their associated anchors, triggers and cords.

Session Ten Karma/Karmic Contract Clearing - this Clearing releases such things as karma, karmic contracts, karmic agenda, karmic hooks and cords.

Session Eleven Limiting Profiles Clearing - this session clears profiles from the energetic systems that are hidden from you, such as limitations, illusions, blinders, veils, etc. It is designed to remove limitation in your life so that you see patterns in your life with greater clarity.

Session Twelve Magnetic, Electro-Magnetic, Solar, Galactic, Universal and Astrological Influences Clearing Session - this sessions clears astrological imprints, distorted magnetic and electro-magnetic energy fields, solar flares, and negative energies from the galaxy and universe. It will also protect you, and your possessions from negative influences of any kind.

Session 13 Abandonment, Loneliness and Separation Profiles clearing releasing negative energies associated with feeling abandoned, isolated, misfit, alien, different, not at home, not belonging and not fitting in.

Session 14 Victimization, Drama and Processing Clearing is designed to help you to release energies associated with the duality consciousness games around rescuer/victim, drama and processing. Helps you to maintain neutrality and be firm in your own center and power in the midst of drama.

Session 15 Dreams and Goals Clearing - this clearing releases less-than-love energy patterns, templates and blueprints around your dreams and also works to clear any less-than-love vibrations you encounter while you are doing service work at night, while you are sleeping or doing astral cycle or travel. It also blocks the creation of less-than-love scenarios from your dreams or nightmares.

Session 16 Family Relationships Clearing session releases dense and slow energy associated with family relationships and provides energetic support to remain neutral and be who you are even when you are with family. As well it clears and releases dysfunctional and toxic family relationship patterning and brings in divine ideal for family relationships and communications.

Session 18 Food and Drink Clearing This session clears less-than-love energy patterns, templates and blueprints around anything that is ingested, digested, or enters the bloodstream from the time you were born. It also enhances the nutrition of all food, clears out toxins and artificial preservatives, clears duality consciousness beliefs around food and drink and helps imprint it with the vibration of love, life, and light.

Session 19 Friend Relationships Clearing - is designed to release slow and dense energy associated with your friendships. Clears out a lot of the boxes and rules based in mass consciousness about friendships and helps bring friendships into alignment with the divine ideal for friendships.

Session 20 Intimate Relationships -Clearing releases slow and dense energy associated with your intimate relationships helping both people who are working on attracting an intimate relationship and people who are trying to improve an existing one. It prepares you for establishment of the divine ideal union)

Session 21 Relationship with Self/Body Session - this session helps releases slow and dense energy associated with your personal relationship with yourself and the way you view your body and health. It also clears a lot of the subconscious programming you absorbed while the host body was a fetus. It helps you to bring in and anchor the divine templates and blueprint for self love, self esteem, self acceptance and body image.







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