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Magic Of Merlin Founded by SoLina Gaby Grill-Mitterhofer - connect to energy and magic of Merlin



Founded by SoLina Gaby Grill-Mitterhofer

This attunement will connect you to the energy and magic of Merlin. This opening gives you Protection, Craft and Love for all to you. It activates magic within you, which you very a long ago trusted, even though you have forgotten, it was always present within you. Merlin passed connection to the 5 elements and the 5 symbols are included in the manual.

Merlin, the magician, the greatest light of the avatars of magic.

He carries the power of omnipotence in itself and brings to you now, The Merlin Energy - The energy of Merlin.

This is his energy, one of the deepest and most powerful forms of energy on planet earth. It allows you to deeply immerse yourself in all your systems to initiate major changes.

Open your hearts to the power of the Merlin and let miracles happen!


• removal of energetic blockages and correction

• Large heart opening takes place

• Self-confidence, strength, power, courage and calmness

• Opening your full potential - to live it


Includes Attunement, Manual and Lineage and Certificate Upon Request.

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