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MORE THAN 50% off MEGA Clearing Attunement Package - Clear Yourself, Locations, Patterns, Karma, Relationships, Spaces and More

$249.99 $2,000.00

You will receive the manuals and distant attunements. One certificate for package is available upon request. Although no substitutions are allowed even if you received some of the systems in this package you are still receiving quite a bargain. This offer may not be combined with any other offer and is not eligible for buy and get free offers. The retail value of this package is 2000.00


The following systems are included in this package:


  1. Green Light Infusion Device
  2. Dolphin Breath Iniation
  3. Green Clearing
  4. Mind Fire Shakti
  5. Bliss Lightbody Activation
  6. Dream Scenario Clearance
  7. Splendor of Love, Light and Power Empowerment
  8. Empathy Negative Attachment PRotection
  9. Western Cedar Smudge
  10. Pearlized Silver Seichim Levels 1-3
  11. Toning Vibration
  12. Crystal Heart and Spirit Clearings
  13. Essential Earth Green
  14. Clear Orb
  15. Light Source Reiki
  16. Energetic Clearing
  17. Clearing Self Sabotage
  18. Pre-Attunement Empowerment
  19. White Waterfall
  20. Path Clearing
  21. Body Toxic Clearing
  22. Rebirthing Clearing
  23. Ka Shakti
  24. Karmic Relationship Clearing
  25. Karma Removal Clearing
  26. Divine Clearing Ray
  27.  Undesirable Pattern Clearing    
  28. Blue Ray Lemurian Healing
  29. Clearing Symptoms   
  30. Clear The Path
  31. Etheric Body Healing
  32. Purple Fire for Karma Clearing   
  33. Subtle Body Care
  34. Multi-Dimensional Self Clearing
  35. Prosperity Clearing
  36. Reiki Vacuum For Space Clearing
  37. Spell Clearing
  38. Break Free Deep Clearing   
  39. Fire Wheel Clearing
  40. Breakthrough Reiki     
  41. Subconscious Clearing 
  42. Angel of Space Clearing  
  43. Rainbow Star Energy
  44. Higher Clearing Ray
  45. Empath Protection Activation & Clearing
  46. Luminious Energy Field Clearing   
  47. Earth Energetic Circuit
  48. Rose Vibrational Clearing
  49. DNA Rainbow Hologram Activation
  50. Multi-Dimensional Awareness Clearing
  51. Auric Energy ATtachment Clearing
  52. Barley Green Elixir
  53. Karma Angels


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