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Past Life Integration Healing Session Identify release old limiting patterns that are affecting you now. Heal, anything in the past



What are the Benefits of a Past Life Integration?

Uncover and release fears or phobias

Heal possible issues that may be occurring as a blockage in your life

Discover unfelt emotions

Gain clarity on a situations in your life

Release blockages, patterns and behaviours in your life where you feel stuck

Creating more joy, balance and happiness in your life

Stabilize your mind, energy and emotions during times of spiritual growth and life transition.

Connect to your inner knowing, body wisdom and higher consciousness.

Heal old fears, emotions, relationship wounds, and childhood issues.

Freedom from recurring emotional patterns and symptoms.

Greater self-confidence, empowerment and self-esteem.

Reintegrate lost aspects of yourself.

Reclaim your power and  live more fully in the present.

This session is offered as a support to release blockages or phobias that have been holding you back in your life. Release old karmic patterns and recurring past issues and pain. Embrace and transform deep unconscious patterns in the cellular memory, DNA and genetic memory. The benefits are you will be more present and integrated in your body, be more connected   with your life purpose and soul essence. You will experience more joy, power, freedom, and choice.

Past Life Integration is a method of healing the past to create more power, freedom and choice in this life. Your  memories, emotions and beliefs  often give rise to conflicts, and difficulties that you face everyday.

These inner cosmologies have a deep affect on your health, relationships and emotional life—especially when similarly charged situations in the present trigger them and they reawaken.  When this happens you are caught once again in the emotions and traumas of your past.

During this 90 minute distant healing session life patterns, belief systems, physical or emotional wounds, ancestral memories, and vows from past lives, or in this life, that limit you will be released.

Release the memories, thoughts, emotions and energy patterns that cause you pain, once and for all. Receive energetic support to help you create new beliefs that reflect your life right now, unaffected by your past. .Accelerate your growth and healing and find peace, emotional freedom and deeper life meaning.

By releasing the past, you will be more present, aware, and alive right now. Being powerful and present in the moment. The energy will support you so that you can create new possibilities and opportunities. Integrating your past and past life memories requires work on multi-levels to remove imprints from your psyche and soma and consciousness.  Doing so allows for a release to take place that is both psychic and spiritual.

The energy session will release pain and suffering from the past, and so that you can once again embrace your innate power, wisdom and gifts. Anything that is not in alignment with your soul purpose and highest and best good will be released. During the session your chakras and ten energy bodies will be balanced, cleansed, cleared and aligned. The mind-body-spirit will be healed as limiting beliefs are released. This will allow the re-establishing of a peaceful harmonious connection between the brain and the rest of the body.

Release old limiting patterns that are affecting you now.  Transform old soul patterns, into a healthier life experience.  Heal, anything in the past which is causing you pain and suffering in the present. Take back your power to consciously create a more fulfilling life.


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