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Blue Star Alcyone by Solina


This authorization requires a very high awareness. The High Priest LEIAN takes you on his home planet Alcyone in the Pleiades star system.

There, in the huge crystal halls of Alcyone, is of high priest LEIAN the guardian of the mighty blue crystal: BLUE STAR - Crystal of Knowledge, the solemn . completed activation when you are ready to, to receive this high activation, then you will be the energy the crystal, BLUE STAR, in your third Eye anchored and activated.

A fascinating journey into a star system 369 light years away, awaits you.

The energy of the crystal BLUE STAR awakened, ancient wisdom in you, when you think of that are ready.

Also be incorporated at very high Plejadischeenergien this authorization into you and your increased natural frequency, as it is suitable for you.


Be ready with LEIAN high priest, on a fantastic journey to a distant

Star system to go.

Maybe in your home world - your origin?


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