Masters Healing Light Academy of Natural Healing and Spiritual Development


Dolphin Attunement Package


How Dolphin Energy Benefits Us

Greater self-love and self-acceptance

Healing on all levels—physical, emotional, mental & spiritual

Deep inner peace

Profound inner joy

Permission to PLAY!

Harmonious relationships

Increased self-responsibility—the strength and trust to speak your truth and to stand on your own two feet in the world

Increased connection to the natural world

More freedom; less fear in life

Manifestation of your deepest heart’s desires


The following attunements are included in this package:

Magickal Dolphins (60.00 value)

Dolphins of Atlantis

Dolphin Heart

Dolphin Prism


Dolphin White Wave

Dolphin Sacred Drumbeat

Crystal Dolphin

Walking the Rainbow

Aquamarine Dolphin

Dolphin Rainbow Chakra

Dolphin Reiki

Dolphin Whale Empowerment

Dolphin Sekhem Seichim Reiki

You will receive the manuals and attunements by chi ball call in method.

One certificate will be issued for the package.

If you have received any of these attunements you may substitute for attunements of equal or lesser value.


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