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50% OFF Emotional Healing Attunement Package PLUS BOGO

$199.99 $2,200.00

PLUS receive an ATTUNEMENT PACKAGE of equal or lesser value FREE!

This package includes many attunements to aid you and or others in emotional healing. You will receive the attunements by chi ball call in method and the manuals. Certificate for the package will be issued. Although there are no substitutions this is quite a bargain even IF you have received a few of the systems in this package. Retail value 2200.00

  1. Heart-brain-body reconnection coffee empowerments
  2. Passionate Energetic Charge
  3. Worry Flush
  4. Inner Sacred Light
  5. Super Tonic Energy
  6. Green Light High Frequency
  7. Super Cleaner Energetic
  8. Depression Disorder Flush
  9. Wonderful Blast of Refresher
  10. Retaliation Passion Remover
  11. Super Vibration of Serenity
  12. Divine Bliss Energetic
  13. Beat of Universal Heart
  14. Green Rejuvenation Light
  15. Peaceful Body Flush
  16. Blue Tranquilizer Attunement
  17. Harmonious Rainbow
  18. Essential Divine Light
  19. New Spirit LIght Healing
  20. Gold Light Energetic Laser
  21. Heart Peace Vibration
  22. Depression Disorder Flush
  23. Right Path Freedom
  24. Joy Renewal
  25. Crystal Heart and Spirit Clearing
  26. Hug Healing Power
  27. Biomagnetic Spectrum
  28. Dynamic Self Regeneration
  29. Waterfall Energy Transmission Device
  30. Orange Bubble
  31. Holy Rainbow Reiki
  32. refreshing Power Radiance
  33. Heartbreak Healing System
  34. Crystalline Green Ray
  35. New Energy Healing
  36. Emotional Freedom Reiki
  37. Green Clearing
  38. Emotional Stability
  39. Rainbow Water
  40. Akal Empowerment
  41. Light Rain
  42. Ocean Jasper Quartz
  43. Love Energy Resonance
  44. Clear Bubble
  45. Blue Ray Lemurian Healing
  46. Cosmic Blue Light
  47. Life Force Infusion Level One
  48. Life Force Infusion Level Two
  49. Life Force Infusion Level Three
  50. Trauma Care
  51. Happiness Sublimination
  52. Nature Energy Refresher
  53. Star Energetic Charger
  54. Forgiveness Energetic Matrix
  55. Emotional Healing Vibration
  56. Inner Self Evolution
  57. Ka Shakti
  58. Toxic Family Shield
  59. Earth Star Radiance
  60. Inner Strength Reiki
  61. Light Vortex Super Wave

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