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50% OFF Family of Origin Healing Package - Childhood Trauma, Abuse, Forgivness, Cord Clearing/Healing, Toxic Family Clearing, and more


Regular Price 499.99, introductory offer 199.99

The following sessions are included in this package. The sessions will be broken down into two ninety minute sessions each so there are 10 ninety minute healing sessions included. Please email us with a brief summary of all issues that you have been facing with the family of origin and the first names of the family members involved.

Formative Years Abuse/Trauma Healing, Clearing and Releasing Session -180 Minutes


When you face traumas and or abuse in your formative years these old energies tend to hold you back. These two powerful sessions are designed to help you break through the barriers caused by these traumatic events in your childhood. As you do this you will no longer be holding onto the past allowing it to dictate your actions in the present. You will no longer have to carry around this baggage from the past with you. . During this session all issues on all levels will be healed including the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.


No matter what the blockage it will be released and healed so that you are able to let go of the past and move forward on your path of purpose. All energy fields will be cleansed, cleared, aligned and rebalanced, repaired and healed so that you feel freer, lighter, happier, more complete and whole, and positive and optimistic once more. Please send a brief description of the traumas and or abuses you suffered during your formative years when you order these sessions.  


Family of Origin Healing Session - 180 Minutes


This healing session will help you feel more grounded and centered as it will heal, clear, and cleanse all the energies within you and around you that do not belong to you but stem from your family of origin and support system. Please email the names of the persons within your family of origin or care givers during your formative years and whatever issues you are dealing with in regard to your family of origin/formative years whether it be patterns of sexual, physical, or verbal abuse, starvation or other types of neglect, abandonment issues, or any other problem or barrier.


Cord Clearing and Healing for Family of Origin Relationships 180 Minute Session


All astral, karmic, energetic and or other cords not serving the higher good between you and members of your family and or caregivers from your formative/childhood years will be released, healed or reenergized and transformed. Negative cords that are draining, heavy, full of old, stale or dark energy and or emotions will be reenergized to make the relationships stronger and healthier. It will create positive energy between you and those within the family and origin and remove negative energy that is no longer needed, transforming any negative attachments to positive ones.



Toxic Family of Origin Clearing Session 180 Minutes


This session focuses on removing the negative energy and destructive patterns and issues from your relationships with your family of origin. Whatever the toxic issues or energy they will be cleansed, cleared and released. This negative energy is harmful to you - toxic over time and continues to build in momentum the longer you hold onto it. All energy fields will be cleared of toxic energy between you and your family members.


Family of Origin Forgiveness Healing Session 180 Minutes


This session will help you with issues of forgiveness for your family members. It will help you to forgive yourself if there is something you are holding onto. It will help you release any feelings of shame and or guilt. Holding onto unforgiveness keeps you rooted in the past and creates negative energy within your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical levels. As you experience the light of forgiveness you will move forward in your life releasing deeply rooted energetic issues.



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