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Angel Life Healing Package Heal Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, Mental Bodies, love, creativity, spiritual, and overall health and well being


Reg Price 499.99

The Angels will heal you with their incredible and infinite Love energy. They will release the block or issue within you, without judgement and they will lovingly and gently restore you to peace and harmony so that every part of your life will become aligned with more positive outcomes and true improvement.

The Angelic Life Healing Package consists of Love Healing, Creativity Healing, Spiritual Healing and overall Health and Well Being Healing with the assistance of the Angels. Each Healing Session is 180 minutes and split into three one hour sessions. As well, you will receive four thirty minute healing sessions for your physical, spiritual, mental and emotional bodies. This package includes 14 hours of Angelic Healing.

Angel Healing is relaxed and calm and freeing. It is a process through which you will feel incredibly loved and safe and held by the Angels. For these sessions the Angels will be invoked for helaing providing their Angelic energies of love, wisdom and guidance in order to bring overall health on all levels. The Angels will help you to experience great transformations and amazing miracles in your life in a loving and safe way.

* Physical 30 Minute Session: This energy transmission from the Angels is designed to help you to experience a more satisfying and fulfilling life in all areas so that you experience fulfilling and long lasting relationships, successful and purposeful work where you feel your contributions are beneficial, health and well being and have more energy, vigor, vitality, zest for life.  

* Mental 30 Minute Session: This energy transmission from the Angels is designed to help you to access your intuition, inner guide, teacher, healer, obtain higher truth, wisdom, guidance, intelligence, access and enhance your creativity and help you to be more optimistic, experiencing a more positive perspective on life,and to help boost your level of confidence and release fear.

* Emotional 30 Minute Session: This energy transmission from the Angels is designed to help you to be balanced emotionally. This will help you to live your life from a place of love, allowing you to connect to and respond from your heart, living life filled with unconditional love for the Self and others, and experience inner and outer peace, and live joyously, freely, and happily.

* Spiritual 30 Minute Session: This energy transmission from the Angels is designed to help you to become aware of a higher consciousness, guidance towards enlightenment, connection to the angelic & spiritul realms, use intuition to guide you, access your inner knowing, gut feelings, sense of direction, listen to your inner voice and to be confident in the messages, guidance and directions you receive so that you not only listen but act on them as well.

 Love Healing 180 Minutes

In this session the heart is healed from past traumas, pains, hurts, disappointments, in relationships of the past whether these were romantic, soul mate, soul group, family of origin, work or any other type of relationship. The Angels will empower you to manifest your desired relationships or raise the level of your current relationships to a higher harmonious vibration. The Angels will gently rap you in loving energy that assists in loving yourself and your life so that you manifest healthy and balanced relationships. It will also help you to stop patterns of attracting people into your life through neediness or fear. The Angels will free you from the limitations of that have been created as a result of these past traumas and or by self imposted limitations. As a result you will be free to move forward in love and light to a healthy, positive, and compatible soul-mate or raise the vibrations of your current relationship to the soul mate level.

Creativity Healing 180 Minutes

This will heal the blocks around your expression and bring more beauty and creativity into your life. It will help you to recognize the beauty within you and all around you and help you to be in touch with your Divine Self in all its beauty and perfection. It will increase self confidence, help you find courage and faith in yourself. Natural creativity, sexuality and identity, all forms of self expression will be energized and any negative outlooks in these areas will be released.  This will restore life energy so that you are no longer creating a distorted image of the Self into the world. This will help you to access your unique creativity and artistry on all levels, bring clarity to your vision, increase confidence, courage and faith in yourself and your abilities.

Spiritual Healing 180 minutes

This will connect you with the Spiritual Realms transforming your way of life, living, being, acting, reacting, thinking, and more. The Soul is already healed in truth. In this session the ego and personality will be placed to the side so that you can live as the Soul as your Highest Soul Expression. In connecting with the Higher Realms you will receive inner peace and reassurance that no matter what challenges and or obstacles you face in your Earthly existence you will be helped and supported by the Higher Realms and the Angels and are never alone. This session will reconnect you to your higher self/soul so that you remember that you are much more than you realize. This will assist you in accessing your spiritual gifts such as Channeling, Mediumship, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience, Telepathy.

Health & Well-Being Healing 180 minutes

This session heals on all levels - all the energetic bodies, aura, energy field around you - all layers of your being - mental, emotional, spiritual, mental, auric, astral, soul bodies, spiritual and physical. The Angels will channel their pure, healing and subtle energies. This will bring the mind, body and spirit balance, harmony and vitality.  All energetic blocks will be released on all levels and layers. 





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