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Angel Deep Healing and Balancing Package 12 Hours of Healing - Restore Balance and Overall Health to all the Energy Bodies


Reg. Price 499.99, intro offer 199.99


These sessions are customized to fit whatever needs you may have at this time. When you place your order please be sure to email any issues you are experiencing on any level whether it is emotional, spiritual, mental, physical or otherwise. Include what led you to this type of healing as well. Your Angel Healing  can focus specifically on any area of your life. You can specify known areas you would like to focus upon in your Angel Healing Sessions and leave the rest up to the Angels. The Angels are overjoyed to help you with any area of your life and it is OK for you to say which area you would like help with.

Angel Healing is for everyone. Angel Healing is a positive step for you to take if you would like to become free from any issues in your life which hold you back or prevent you from moving forwards. The Angels will heal you with their incredible and infinite Love energy. They will release the blocks and or issues within you, without judgement and they will lovingly and gently restore you to peace and harmony so that every part of your life will become aligned with more positive outcomes and true improvement.

Restore Balance and Overall Health to All of the Energy Bodies.

Angel Healing is relaxed and calm and freeing. It is a process through which you will feel incredibly loved and safe and held by the Angels. For these sessions the Angels will be invoked for helaing providing their Angelic energies of love, wisdom and guidance in order to bring overall health on all levels. The Angels will help you to experience great transformations and amazing miracles in your life in a loving and safe way.


 The sessions are three hours and will be split into one hour sessions for a total of 12 hours of Angelic Healing for the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Self. The Angels will channel healing energy through on all levels. You will receive balanced healing on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. Healing with the Angels is indeed a beautiful and yet very powerful experience which leads to joyousness, freedom, happiness, fulfillment, contentment, inner peace and so much more. The healing energy of Archangels and Angels will be invoked so that you experience miraculous, deep, profound and empowering experiences in your sessions.

* Physical Healing *180 Minutes - 3 One Hour Sessions

Behind every dis-ease, dis-order or dis-comfort, there are mental thought patterns creating and holding you in that place and serving you on some level. The Angels will identify these patterns and beliefs in order to change them to empowering, strengthening beliefs which will filter through the layers of your aura and allowing your own Life Force energy to boost your immune system. Your energetic body is linked with your physical anatomy, therefore when there is an inbalance in your astral, emotional or mental body, it will have a negative impact on your physical body. During your session, reiki and angelic energy will be directly channelled into the areas where it is required. Examples of Physical Healing:- Includes such things as illness, disorders, weight problems, attractiveness, lethargy, stress, sleep, insomnia, addictions and the like.

* Mental Healing *

180 Minutes - 3 One Hour Sessions

The mind is the driving force behind your life, therefore the thoughts, beliefs, mental programs you have which you may or may not even be aware of, are influencing each and every situation you find yourself experiencing. Most thought patterns and fears are held within the hidden part of your mind, which we call the sub-conscious, therefore even if you have made a conscious decision to change your life, unfortunately the hidden, yet powerful programs behind the scenes will hold you back. It is important to confront these hidden fears if you wish to move forward and live to your highest potential, most especially using your creativity and higher intelligence. The Angels will release the unwanted energies which may stem from childhood, cultural conditioning or genetics, and empower you to assist you in your personal development journey. Examples of Mental Healing: are positive thinking, overcoming fear, blocks to career, finance, creativity, empowerment, confidence and the like.

* Emotional Healing *

180 Minutes - 3 One Hour Sessions

Relationships are one of the most challenging areas of our lives, constantly causing an imbalance of emotions. These connections range from family, soul-mates, colleagues, friends to neighbors. Peace begins from within therefore when you find inner peace, this will reflect into your outer world and create harmonious relationships with others. During your healing session, the Angels will locate the negative emotions being held in your energetic body and will remove them so you come to terms with how others have made you feel, find compassion and forgiveness for them to set you free and strengthen your emotional body not to be influenced by others. Understanding the purpose of such deep and life transforming soul-mate relationships is another area which can be explored in your session, for clarity and to have the ability to let go if required. Examples of Emotional Healing are loneliness, rejection, abandonment fears, areas of love and romance, grief and bereavement, heartbreak and the like.

* Spiritual Healing *

180 Minutes - 3 One Hour Sessions

Many people today seem to be on a soul searching or spiritual awakening journey in order to find the real purpose of their lives. If you have been through emotional turmoil through deep relationships, have suffered with your health or constantly seem to be attracting negative situations into your life, this may be a wake up call for you to connect with your very own higher spiritual consciousness to make sense of it all. Feeling alone like no-one understands you is one of the most difficult challenges in our lives, especially when nothing makes sense to you and you have lost your direction in life. Purely-Angels have been created to empower you and support you through this awakening and see you through your life transformation until you reach the blissful state of loving and embracing your life. During your healing session, you will leave feeling a closer connection to your entire being and the beings of light around you, such as angels and guides. Examples of Spiritual Healing are spiritual awakening, past life regression, clearing negative karma, blocks to angels and spiritual guides, enhancing channeling and or mediumship abilities or other spiritual gifts and the like.


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