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Lost/Troubled Relationship/ Soul Mate Psychic Reading Package 4 readings


THis email reading package includes 4 channeled readings delivered by email. You can substitute a single reading of equal or lesser value for any single reading in this package however you may not substitute a single reading for multiple readings. Live, telephone, instant message, and or emergency readings are not eligible for substitutions..

  1. Choose one (1) of the following readings - your choice Love Forecast for a Lost Relationship or Potential to Reunite Reading (99.99)
  2. Choose one (1) of the following readings - your choice -Romantic Outlook Reading or Insights into the Future of a Relationship Reading (99.99)
  3. Choose one (1) of the following readings- your choice Fated or Fated to Fail Reading orTroubled Relationship Reading (99.99)
  4. Choose one (1) of the following readings - your choice- Soul Mate Situation Reading  or Relationship Status Reading (99.99) or Are we Compatiable or Not Reading (99.99)

Each reading is valued at 99.99.

The readings are delivered to your email box. They are lengthy, detailed and channeled from Spirit.

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