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12 Question Scheduled Angel Reading Delivered Via Email


As a spiritual reader I use my intuitive, psychic gifts to contact the angels for guidance. An Angel Reading will empower you by providing heavenly guidance that will enhance and bring harmony into your life. You can find Angels in every religious belief system where they work as the Creator’s loving representatives. In response to your questions, they come through in sessions with messages of compassion, peace, hope and joy.

The Angels will not promote fear in a reading or choose words that will make you feel uncomfortable. The Angels speak to you with nothing but love and the desire to help you improve your life. They won’t avoid tough topics if you would benefit from loving guidance in that area, but they intend that all advice be delivered heightened by the feeling of love and their intention for your best life. Angels have a tendency to answer questions in a manner that’s geared toward teaching you how to improve your life situation, as well as how to grow in a healthy way from life lessons.

The Angels are all about Free Will. We, the Angels and I, encourage you to run everything through your own divine filter. You can trust that you will recognize what you’re meant to hear because it will have the ring of truth and match your inner knowing. If there’s anything that does not feel like a fit, you are encouraged to let that go at this time. Everything is always in divine order. There is no right or wrong, only what is divine for you.

In an Angel Reading you are free to ask any question you like. However, if you simply wish to turn it over to the Angels and ask them to tell you what they’d like you to know, that is okay, too. Whatever you choose is the perfect choice. If you are wondering what some good questions would be, the most commonly asked questions are:

How many angels do I have around me?

Do I have any Archangels with me now?

If so, what are their specialties?

What would my angels like me to know right now?

How can I improve my relationships?

How can I bring love into my life?

How can I learn to hear my angels?

How can I prepare for a new relationship?

Angel Readings are done through email. Because the energy field I’m tuning into is always available the email format is equally as effective as in person or telephone reading.

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