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Angel & Archangel Healing Package - Eight 120 Minute Healing Sessions - remove energy blocks, fear, and MORE! PLUS BONUS GIFTS

$199.99 $1,000.00


With your purchase you will receive two single healing sessions. At checkout you will be asked which two single healing sessions you would like with your purchase.

Reg price 999.99

This healing package includes eight 120 minute healing sessions with the Archangels and Angels. It will bring you greater confidence, remove energy blocks of fear, help you move through issues with rejection, disappointment, help you release the past, energize your relationship to the Archangels, bring blessings into your life, clear the aura and the chakras, raise your vibrations and release negative toxins, old beliefs, help you let go of negative beliefs and MORE. :) These are powerful Angelic Healing Sessions designed to help you to move forward in your life without fear, negative attachments and patterns! Call upon the Archangels and Angels today. They await your call for Divine healing!

Session one: Confidence, Anxiety and Nervous Energy – Creating great levels of confidence and self belief. Turning your nervous energy and anxiety into positive energy. The most famous person can secretly secretly suffer from nerves and anxiety and living within the restrictions of fear. Remove any energetic blocks of fear and glow with the flow by working with the confidence Angels.

Session Two ; Releasing fear – removing fear based energetic blocks which may be created by well meaning teachers, families or friends who have added to creating  limiting beliefs, these may manifest energetically into physical form. Move forward fearlessly with Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael.

Session Three: The Point of power is now – moving through rejection and disappointment and anything you are holding onto from the past. Flowing forward in life and moving straight onto the next step on your path of purpose.

Session Four: Guardian Angels & Archangels – energizing your connection and relationship with the Angelic realm directing their sacred energy to bring magical blessings into your life.

Session Five: Chakra clearing & balancing – clearing blocked energy from your aura and chakra system, allowing greater health and vitality to flow.

Session Six: Energy healing with the Archangels – taking you into a beautiful and safe space for healing with the powerful Archangels Michael and Raphael. This is a joyful and peaceful experience, where deep, profound powerful healing can take place.  This is a similar experience to taking an adventure on a magical carpet ride.

Session Seven: Etheric cord cutting & vacuming – releasing the toxins of fear based attachments to people and negative patterns which may keep occurring in your life. Energetic blocks are released connected to fear, procrastination and feeling stuck, allowing you to move forward and set yourself free. These powerful energies release old toxins and stale energy enabling you to fall back in love with life.

Session Eight: Raising your vibration & positive thoughts – raising a high vibration and raising and tuning your mind and thoughts into positive and higher frequency's of thoughts.  When you raise your vibration wonderful things begin to manifest into your life.


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