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Past Life Healing Session with the Angels


reg price 49.99

Past Life Healing with the Angels

Unexplained fears; Repeating negative patterns;Confidence issues; Constant trouble with finances; Relationship issues (with a specific person or general); And many more issues could be caused by your past life experiences.

Through a past life healing you will be healing issues from your past lives in safe environment, surrounded and accompanied by the Angels and Archangels.  The constant ”why” questions about individual’s life often answered during these sessions.  This healing session is designed with the purpose of helping you heal the root causes of mental, emotional, and spiritual challenges you might be having in this life time.

Past life healing also can help you remember and recover your past wisdom, talents and positive memories that can help you with your life purpose today.

If you have a certain issue you want to heal please mention this before your session.  Often having a strong desire to have a past life healing session indicates there is a memory waiting to be discovered by you. The sessions last approximately 1.5 hours.


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