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50% OFF Pet and Animal Lovers, Animal Healers Attunement Package


Pet and Animal Lovers Attunement Package

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This attunement package is designed for those of you who are pet and animal lovers. There are so many stages of life for our pets and the energies of these systems can support you and your pet through all of them including, working with your pets, care, healing, crossing over, ailments and more. It is equally helpful for those of you that wish to be an animal healer.

 The following attunements are included in this wonderful package for Animal and Pet Lovers and Animal  Healers! There are no substitutions allowed. You will receive the manuals and distant attunements. A certificate for the package is also available. Retail Value more than 1000.00.

  1. Healing Sun Reiki
  2. Losna the Moon Goddess
  3. Paws and Butterlies
  4. Kuthumi Animal Healing
  5. Star Healing Reiki
  6. Calm Kitty Reiki
  7. Spiritual Animal Ascension Reiki
  8. Spiritual Animal Healer Program
  9. Animal Protection of Goddess Artemis
  10. Animal Protection Reiki
  11. Animal Angels Reiki
  12. Animal Path Healing
  13. Animal Totem Reiki
  14. Angels & Unicorn Reiki
  15. Angels of the Earth
  16. Indigo Light Empowerment
  17. Divine Lights
  18. Crossing Over Brigade
  19. Waterfall Healing Reiki
  20. Yellow Dock - Mariah Couture
  21. Bandicoot Berry Plant
  22. Bone Care
  23. Skin Care
  24. Joint Care
  25. Digestive Care
  26. Pain Release
  27. Infection Inhibitor Field
  28. Inflammation Reduction Ray
  29. Replenishing Shakti
  30. Goddess Artimis
  31. Dog Empowerment
  32. Liquid Love
  33. Feline Love
  34. Brighid's Healing Waters
  35. Energetic Play Elixir
  36.  Losna The Moon Goddess Empowerment


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