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50% OFF Parental Clearing Healing Package - Includes 11 Ninety Mintues Sessions to repair heal damaging relationships connections to parents


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This healing package includes 11 - Ninety Minute Clearing and Healing Sessions to help you repair and heal from damaging relationships and connections to your parents and or other care givers. For anyone that grew up in a dysfunctional family or environment, had a toxic parent(s), suffered abuse of any kind, or just had multiple childhood issues these powerful sessions are for you so that you can release the emotional baggage and heal areas of disrepair so that the issues are no longer affecting your energy fields and or blocking you in any area of your life.


Clearing of Relationship with Parents or other Care Giver(s)


This clearing will help you with clearing and repairing negative and false beliefs you received from your parents and or caregivers in your developmental and formative years through the present. It will also correct any patterns or issues in your life that are no longer serving you well due to these influences in your life. This healing is especially helpful if you are dealing with childhood issues associated with your parents in a negative way correcting any issues such as rejection, abuse, trust, abandonment, communication patterns or concerns, unhealthy cords, past imprints, control, emotional buttons, anchors, emotional baggage, triggers, or dominance issues . This clearing will assist you in all factors affecting you on a physical, mental, emotional and or spiritual level as a result of your relationship with your parents or caregivers. It will heal you, that is to say the areas of disrepair within you as a result of issues between you and your parents. Not all connections with your parents are negative thus this session will also serve to enhance the connections which are positive for you.  


Toxic Relationship Clearing


This clearing will work on any energy you have been exposed to that can be the result of destructive relationships and or issues from your parents due to your childhood, upbringing, negative beliefs, and much more. The energy of a toxic relationship can be very dangerous to you because it is damaging to your fields of energy. This session will remove all the energy which is toxic within your energy fields, aura, and chakras. It will also clear you of the negative effects of being around other toxic family members, and or places or things from your childhood to present. It is a powerful clearing session to rid you of these negative affects once and for all.


Self Punishment Clearing


This session will help you to stop putting yourself down, judging, berating yourself, so that you do not do things that are negative and harmful to yourself based on negative feelings you have about yourself as a result of a parental relationship. It will correct any energy imbalances so that you remove any issues which are limiting your happiness, love, harmony, acceptance, joy, and the like. It will clear the root issues completely clearing, healing, cleansing, repairing, and protecting you from returning to negative patterns and ways of being.


Self Esteem Clearing


Often when you have negative relationships with important figures in your life like your parents or caregivers it affects the way you see yourself - your self esteem. This can lead to other issues like feeling depressed, low on energy, hopeless, powerless to change and cause issues  and or blocks on an emotional, physical, mental or spiritual level. This session will release the negative thoughts and patterns that are holding you back in your life and path, healing the areas of disrepair on all levels and boost your self esteem so that you can move forward without fear, see your greatness, divine perfection, and believe in yourself again, realizing your full potential.  


Inner Child Clearing


The inner child clearing will clear the wounds within you that you suffered from parental and or care giver relationships, clearing your emotional and behavioral patterns adopted as coping mechanisms from issues from childhood and through the present. It will help you to release any lower natured emotions that you are holding onto and carring around with you so that you can operate from a higher place within you. The energy will gently assist you in letting go of the emotional baggage as well as the pain. It will release emotional and mental issues, old thoughts, ways of being, negative coping methods that are affecting you and your relationships today.


Grief Clearing


This session is helpful to you so that you can detach from negative cords and emotions associated to a parent or care giver (living or deceased). You can grieve for the parent or care giver that you never had, meaning the one that you wanted but felt that you did not have, your ideal parent or care giver and or help you through the grief process of losing a parent or care giver or both. You will heal all energetic levels - all fields, physical, emotional, spiritual and mental. The pain will be released. You will receive cleansing for the emotional times you went through and or are currently going through and detach from these in a healing atmosphere of Divine Love.


Emotional Detachment Clearing


This session will help you to let go of tendencies to emotionally detach or hide from love due to feelings that were hurt by a parent or care giver in your childhood to present. It will help you remove your mask, take down your walls and let others in again so that you can be vulnerable enough to let your true self emerge without fear of being hurt, rejected or abandoned. Whatever issues caused this state of being will be released so that you can release these feelings from the past that are affecting your now.


Un-Forgiveness Clearing


This clearing will help you to clear any issues that are keeping you from forgiving your parents and or caregivers. It will assist you for areas where you feel you need to be forgiven but are perhaps denying yourself forgiveness so that you no longer allow yourself to be hurt by holding onto un-forgiveness whether it is for self or your parents or caregivers. You will no longer have to store these issues within as this clearing will remove the energetic buildup in your energy fields, clear, repair and heal negative issues so that you can forgive and be forgiven and no longer have negative issues block you in your life and path.


Guilt Clearing


This clearing will help you with issues of guilt resulting from your relationship and connections to your parents or caregivers. It will clear you of unwarranted guilt - guilt that does not belong to you, like guilt type tactics or guilt trips from your parents. The issues resulting can damage your energy fields and make you feel like a bad person, affect your self esteem, the way you see yourself, the way others see you. This clearing will rid you of guilt you have been carrying around for years so that you no longer feel guilty and release what is holding you back and blocking you from creating the life that is yours by Divine right.


Self Confidence Clearing

Having negative associations and or connections with parental figures can affect your levels of self confidence and esteem. Low self confidence affects every area of your life as well as your physical self, emotional self, mental self and even your spiritual self - and connections to your Higher Self and the Divine. It can cause a decline in your physical health, numerous emotional and mental issues. This session will clear what is holding you back, heal areas of disrepair and connect you to the Divine Source so that you are operating from your Highest Self Confidence Level becoming the Creator and Manifesto you are destined to be.


Self Love/Self Approval Clearing


This clearing will help you to clear any issues from your upbringing, childhood, current relationships with your parental roles. It will help you give yourself the love and approval that you desire and perhaps never received from your parents or caregivers. It will correct any energetic imbalances as a result of not receiving the love and approval you desire(d). It will clear the root causes for any blocks to self love and self approval so that you experience more peace within you and no longer hold back love for others and are able to accept love from others as well as the Spiritual Dimensions.


















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