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Mind Fire Shakti by Hari Andri Winarso - heals, nourishes, and brings order to the mind, clears out mental garbage, brings clarity, perspective


Mind Fire Shakti™ heals, nourishes, and brings order to the mind. Its energy permeates the fabric of the mind, clearing out mental "garbage," teaching mental discrimination, and bringing clarity and perspective to thoughts. The energy of Mind Fire Shakti™ disintegrates disharmony in the physical head and profoundly benefits all functions centered there, including the eyesight and hearing. Mind Fire Shakti™ expands mental potential and enhances the ability to distinguish between one’s mind and one’s higher self.

Mind Fire Shakti™ can help you gain self-mastery—that is, mastery of your mind, emotions, and physical body. The mind is complex and comprised of many levels, or areas. Thoughts are formed at the highest level of the mind—that which is closest to your purely spiritual aspect. There, thoughts are generated continually; indeed, a new thought is born every moment. Ultimately, you have the power to discriminate and choose which thoughts you wish to have. This is an important choice, because your thoughts feed and otherwise profoundly affect your emotions and physical body.

One of the greatest obstacles to spiritual unfoldment is an inability to distinguish between one’s mind and one's true spiritual identity. The mind is so sophisticated that it effectively creates its own center of intelligence. Mind Fire Shakti™ can help make you aware that this intelligence—with its glorious ability to expand its consciousness and provide wondrous, life-altering experiences—is not the true Self. Mind Fire Shakti™ helps us learn that we are not our minds and that each of us is a pure spiritual being. When the mind becomes more orderly through the use of Mind Fire Shakti™, doors will open and opportunities will be presented. If taken, these opportunities will foster even more mental orderliness and lead to experiences of greater spirituality in daily life.

You will receive attunement by chi ball call in method as well as the manual.

Certificate and lineage avail upon request


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