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Liver Function Reiki Channelled by- Sinead Walkinshaw


Quote from the Founder:

This system was inspired by my husband’s fight with liver disease two years ago. This was given me by a higher source and once given 36 hours to live he now walks around healthy and with no repercussions, to the amazement of the medical profession. I wanted to share this wonder with you all.

The liver is situated in the upper right of the abdomen. It is the largest and most solid gland in the body. In men it weighs about 1.8kg and about 1.3 kg in women. It holds about 13% of your total blood supply at any one moment in time. It consists of two lobes of which the right is larger than the left. About 60% of the liver is made of cells called hepatocytes which absorb nutrients and detoxify and remove harmful substances from the blood. The liver receiver blood from the hepatic artery and the hepatic portal vein.


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