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50% Off Tibetan Gtummo by Yulis Eka Agung Septura


reg price 160 Tibetan gTummo

This is an Exoteric form of gTummo that is usually taken in the four separate levels in most forms of gTummo, but which can be done all at once in an emergency. It includes meditations for the four levels, and mudras that can be used for various health related conditions. The manual has full color examples of the mudras, and gives their uses for healing various physical complaints including such things as severe heart attacks, urinary tract problems, eyesight, colds, and incurable infections, just to name a few.

It also includes the words and symbols of power. Each level's Angkur (initiation) is sent one week apart.

You will receive the manual and attunements by chi ball call in method.

Lineage and or certificate provided upon request.

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