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Cirrhosis Reiki by Sinead Walkinshaw


Simply, Cirrhosis is scarring of the liver and poor liver function. Usually it is the final stage of chronic liver disease . The healthy liver tissue is replaced by fibrosis (which is scar tissue and lumps/nodules that occur when damaged tissue ie regenerated.) This scar tissue stops the liver from working properly. The damage is permanent and irreversible. Scarring also impairs the liver's ability to control infections, remove bacteria and toxins from the blood, process nutrients, hormones, and drugs, make proteins that regulate blood clotting, produce bile to help absorb fats—including cholesterol—and fat-soluble vitamins. With end stage, the liver can no longer replace damaged cells and as a healthy liver is vital for survival when the liver fails, transplantation becomes essential.

You will receive manual and attunement by chi ball call in method.

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