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 It is now more than 50% off. As an added bonus you will receive an attunement package of equal or lesser value with this purchase.

The package includes the attunements listed below. The attunements will be sent by chi ball call in method.

You will receive manuals and distant attunements by chi ball call in method. One certificate for the package can be issued upon request. No substitutions.

This package is designed to help with past life and karmic issues that are affecting your life today. Some symptoms that your past is affecting you are:

Irrational fears and phobias. These fears are caused by all kinds of suffering in a past lives that are a result of such things as death by fire or drowning.Chronic physical pain or disease. These physical symptoms can be caused by repetitively reliving a traumatic injury or even death.

Insecurity. This commonly stems from memories of abandonment such as being orphaned or sold into slavery.

Guilt. This feeling often results from feelings of being at fault for harm or death of another person.

Accidents. Being prone to accidents or having violent tendencies can stem from memories on the battlefield.

Relationship struggles. A  tendency from a past life with family members may be repeated as a pattern today until that difference is settled

 Here are attunements which can help:

  1. Mahamrityunjaya Empowerment
  2. Cutting Cords of Attachment
  3. Karma Release and Empowerment Reiki
  4. Karma Remover
  5. Lady Master Nada
  6. Diamond Cutter
  7. St Germain 7th Dimensional
  8. Radharani Empowerment
  9. DragonHeart Essential
  10. St Germains Elixir of Life
  11. Emotional Release Empowerment
  12. Archangel Asariel
  13. Soul Mate Magnet
  14. Shining Heart Protection
  15. Ethereal Orange
  16. Green Light Flush
  17. Firebird Vortex
  18. PUrple Fire Healing
  19. Solar Sword
  20. Rastaban Star
  21. Karmic Flowers
  22. Good Karma Reiki
  23. Power of the Stars
  24. Lama Fera
  25. Drisana
  26. Karmic Auric Reiki
  27. Karma Angels
  28. Higher Soul Fire
  29. Karmic Relationships
  30. Karma Cleansing
  31. Laviliat Lavendar Violet
  32. Light of Zapharel Vision and Understanding
  33. Light of Zapharel Protection
  34. Light of Zapharel Passion and Enthusiasm
  35. Light of Zapharel Love and Acceptance
  36. Light of Zapharel Initiation
  37. Light of Zapharel Love and Peace
  38. Written Intention Reversal
  39. Essential Unicorn
  40. Energetic Booster Axis
  41. Earth Star Radiance
  42. Inner Self Evolution
  43. Blue Ray Lemurian
  44. Trauma Care
  45. New Earth REality
  46. Golden Eye Grid
  47. Akashic Records
  48. Akashic Records Flush
  49. Stonehenge
  50. Present Life Karma
  51. Uhane Nui Reiki
  52. New Energies of St Germain
  53. Karmic Flush
  54. Karmic Illness Flush

One certificate for the package will be provided. No substitutions. All Sales are final.

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