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50% OFF New Age 999 Energy Attunement Package - $2000.00 Value PLUS BOGO

$249.99 $3,000.00

The New Age 999 Energy Attunement Package includes the following attunements. You will receive the manuals and attunements by chi ball call in method. Once you are attuned to these systems you are able to teach and attune others.  One certificate provided for the package.

With your purchase you will receive an attunement package of equal or lesser value free.

reg price for this package 2400.00

Melek Metatron 7 Stars 135.00

Starlight Energy 55.00

Heart of Gold 100.00

Chephren 999 Transformation of Crystalline Matrix 95.00

Access to the WEll of Knowledge of Atlantis 64.99

Lemuria Star Magic 129.99

Light Particular 100.00

Melek Metatron Corona 150.00

Anilos 999 70.00

Off Om Tat Sat 140.00

Melek Metatron 140.00

Intuition 999 100.00

Ascendency Energy 999 140.00

Chiti Reiki 10.00

Mar Kai 1-3 250.00

Mar Kai Level 4 333.00

Cognitive Upgrade 31.00

Sekhem Seichim 95.00

Mahatma God's Grid 150.00

Cosmic Stargate 140.00

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