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Lord Ramatis Attunement Founder Gabriela Yasmin Szafman


Lord Ramatis Attunement

Founder: Gabriela Yasmin Szafman

The Master Kuthumi and Ramatis, are actually the same source of Consciousness.

Ramatis , is today the Secretary General of the BROTHERHOOD OF THE CROSS AND OF THE TRIANGLE, which seeks to spread the teachings of Jesus, along with the spiritual tradition of the East, thus establishing a fruitful exchange between the chains of the Western Spiritual Fraternities Initiation of the Eastern World, with significant benefit for all Humanity.

Ramatis, like many of us, is derived from the Star System Sirius.

In Atlantis, he was a Priest Aumbandhã, which was an ancient wisdom which he brought from the System of Sirius, which means Greater Divine Law or the Secret Wisdom, Septenary and Esoteric.

Aumbandhã is an instrument of White Magic used by high priests of the Atlantean Light, in fact, the White Magicians, composed by the Cosmic Laws and Forces of Nature, to stop the advance of darkness.


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