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The Light of the World Activation - NEW from Masters Healing Light Academy! PLUS 30 MINUTES OF DISTANT HEALING


With your purchase of this attunement you will also receive 30 minutes of distant healing.

Ascended Master Jesus gives us the Light of the World Activation as a gift so that we can be the Carriers of His Eternal Light and become more divinized, more Christ-like. The energy will help us enhance our spiritual sight so that we can see the greatness of the Love of the Divine within us and recognize this goodness within others.

Any perceived distortions or illusions, or false truths that we have created about ourselves will be lifted from us so that we see the beauty and majesty of our True Divine Spirit.

Any less than love energies that have been keeping us from reaching our highest soul potential will be cleared so that we become our Highest Soul Expression. The energy of this activation will clear away any less than love energies that are preventing us from having an abundant life with peace, joy and love. As a result, we will leave behind any poverty consciousness and adopt abundant consciousness.

Any lower state of consciousness that has served as a block to abundance will be released so that we attain higher abundant consciousness state.




Benefits of The Light of the World Activation:


Holy Protection


Absence of Fear

Growth in Goodness


Higher Consciousness

Freedom from Spiritual Paralysis

Release from selfish passions, self interest, self seeking

Healing for resentments deeply embedded in the heart


Healing of Addictions and greed


Compassion, Mercy and Love

Unity with other Lightworkers

Allows us to glow in the Holiness of Jesus’ Light

Heightened awareness of the Divinity within the Self and others

Ability to see through problems to solutions





You will receive the manual. The attunement will be sent by chi ball call in method from the founder so the lineage is direct. Certificate is provided upon request.

Masters Healing Light Academy reserves the exclusive rights to pass on this attunement for the first thirty days. Everyone is able to receive this activation but it resellers please be advised that you will not be able to pass on this attunement until after 4/20/2012.



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