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Dragon Pearl Reiki by Gabriela Yasmin Szafman



The luminous ball or pearl often depicted under the dragon's chin or seen to be spinning in the air, pursued by one or two dragons is thought to be a symbolic representation of the 'sacred pearl' of wisdom or yang energy.

Pearl symbolism, like lunar symbolism arises from Daoist roots and the connections, are extremely complex. This pearl can be said to stand most often for 'truth' and 'life' - perhaps even everlasting life which is made available to those who perceive the truth and attain enlightenment.


The dragon's pearl can also be thought of as a symbol for universal Ki the progenitor of all energy and creation. The dragons seem to be depicted in attitudes of pursuit. He is seen to be reaching out eagerly to clutch at the elusive object, mouth open in anticipation and eyes bulging with anticipation of achieving the prize afforded by clutching the pearl.

Dragon Pearl Reiki Will Bring You Gifts Such as the ability to:

· Attain Enlightment

· Perceive the truth

· Wisdom

· Pure Spirit

· Attune to the Energy of the Dragons

· Life Transformation

· Intensify your energy

· Speed up Karma

· Draw out Toxins

· Cleanse Body, Mind, Spirit & Heart

· Set you in your Wished Pathway

You will receive the certificate, manual and distant attunement.


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