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High Dolphin Healing Frequency by Jalu Wasonaodi - reduce psychological problems, developmental disabilities, depression, increases intellect


High Dolphin Healing Frequency

Dolphins is related with the flow of consciousness of the Ocean of the Universe. It have highest frequency of universe which we can find as they are communicate each other. According to myth, Dolphins walked on the land (physical reality) then returned to the ocean (consciousness).


High Dolphin Healing Frequency is channeled to help us to brings joy, movement, creation, love, abundance and an opening of heart as never before. It serves as a bridge to All That Is, that we and our Divine Self co-create our experience with the energy and consciousness of the dolphins.


As its miraculous energy healing, this system useful to reduced psychological problems and developmental disabilities. Therefore it is good for dealing depression, had positive results with autistic children and others with 'special needs', balanced our emotions and mood, increasing our intelligence as well and energize our life in positive manner either for our self and within social interaction.


It also increasing our regenerative ability that helpful to recovery from wounded or injuries. It help us to relief the pains and produce more high anti-bacterial or anti-septic.


This high frequency of Dolphins help us to learn:

•    Greater self-love and self-acceptance

•    Healing on all levels—physical, emotional, mental & spiritual

•    Deep inner peace

•    Profound inner joy

•    Permission to PLAY!

•    Harmonious relationships

•    Increased self-responsibility—the strength and trust to speak your truth and to stand on your own two feet in the world

•    Increased connection to the natural world

•    More freedom; less fear in life

•    Manifestation of your deepest heart’s desires

•    Unity-Community


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