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Eight Fold Noble Path by Mariah


Founder: Mariah Windsong Couture

Eight Fold Noble Path consists of Buddhist tenets for right living.


The first level activates wisdom and helps you find the right views and intentions for you.

The second level sets in place your ethics compass and assists you to gain right speech, action and be in the right livelihood for you.

The third level activates mental development and discipline so that your efforts are in the right place, and that you have right mindfulness and concentration.


Attunements are sent long distance by means of an energy sphere, often called a chi-ball and it is kept safe by your Angels and guides of Eternal Light. It is released to you when you ‘call it in’, like a prayer to receive it.


Once you have received that dose of energy, your body and spirit will recognize that energy and easily access the energy stream from Eternal Sacred Source that IS the energy stream of this particular energy system.


Please wait at least 3 days after level 3 before you call in this 4th level Eight Fold Noble Path Activation™, which enables you to provide sessions of this energy system for others.

If you are a Usui Reiki Master Teacher, this 4th level will also confer upon you the right to pass attunements of this Eight Fold Noble Path Activation energy system onward to others.

This manual contain 4 levels of this energy system and it is the Master manual

You will receive the manual, distant attunements and a certificate

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